20 gifs that explain the world better textbooks

Sometimes it is better once to see than hundred times to hear. Therefore, we think that modern textbooks are not enough of these gifs, so all was clear.

In this issue you will find 20 gifs that you can see yourself and show kids. In this world everything is easier than it seems at first glance.

1. The annual cycle of the change of summer and winter.

2. 600 million years of human evolution in 15 seconds.

3. Rare type of cloud — asperatus.

4. A computer game in reality.

5. Solar system.

6. The engine in the cut.

7. The speed of light clearly. Hypothetical photon wanders from the earth to the moon.

8. An illustrative example of the operation of the motor.

9. The formation of the child at different stages of pregnancy.

10. Fire and hydrogen.

11. Syringe XStat able to stop the bleeding from the artery for some 15-20 seconds.

12. Scientists from the University of Rochester have created a metal which bounces water.

13. Awakening of the Mexican volcano Colima.

14. Water and liquid nitrogen.

15. Giant gummy bear fell into boiling potassium chlorate.

16. Ice from supercooled water.

17. How does the Sumerian seal.

18. So the amoeba moves.

19. White blood cells are chasing and capturing bacteria.

20. Neil Tyson on his own example demonstrates that such damped oscillations.

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