The master of illusions: spectacular scenery, photographed directly into the table…

“Don’t leave your room, make no mistake!” Without leaving home Indian photographer Vatsal Katariah (Vatsal Kataria) creates an impressive illusory world, which is indistinguishable from the real.

It all started that one day in Instagram 27-year-old photographer from new Delhi saw the car in the background of a waterfall. The Indian was curious, will he be able to do something like that without leaving your room. He already had experience shooting still life and food, but now Vatsal began to actively experiment with macro photography mini model cars. Since it’s only been a few months, but during that time he achieved significant successes, learning to create from scrap materials decorations, which look like scenes from real life.

Vatsal Katariah makes realistic promotional photos of the cars, using their toy model.

The whole entourage needed for the final scene, creates a self-Katariah, simulating with the help of improvised means different landscapes and weather conditions.

“It all began as an experiment — says the photographer. But then I gradually learned of this genre a lot. My main motive is to demonstrate to everyone that you can be a great photographers and it’s not about expensive equipment or props”.

According to him, sometimes he refuses purchase miniature models of cars: “of Course, I can just buy, but I’m trying to do everything with your hands. This greatly improves skills.”

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