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Ethereum miners increased the limit on gas by 25%

According to The Block, the Ethereum miners increased the limit on the gas block to 12.5 million, which could potentially make the network up to 25% faster.

On Saturday, the Ethereum miners have begun to increase network throughput by increasing the number of transactions it can process per second, about 25%. As a rule, this should speed up the translations with their large numbers.

Ethereum miners increased the limit on gas by 25%

Gas is a token-based Ethereum used for payment transactions on the network. The gas limit controls how many transactions can be done in one unit. Increasing the limit increases the network bandwidth, making it faster. Miners can smoothly increase or decrease the network bandwidth every time you create a block of 0.1% in contrast to a fixed-size block of the bitcoin Protocol, Ethereum allows it.

A vote for a limit increase gas block with 10 000 000 12 500 000 theoretically means that the Ethereum network is now capable of processing ~ 44 transactions per second instead of ~ 35.

However, not everyone in the community happy with this decision. The increase in the number of transactions per block makes the blockchain more, and the validation process is complicated and expensive.

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