The cosmonaut has called the advantage of sleeping in zero gravity

Космонавт назвал преимущество сна в невесомости

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Russian cosmonaut Ivan Wagner on his official page in social network Twitter has published a post in which he called the advantage of sleeping in zero gravity.

Also Russian cosmonaut shared with subscribers exactly how sleep the astronauts, and also what it’s like to sleep in the cabin.

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”We have a sleeping bag that we tie to the wall in the cabin, and sleep in it. Inside are straps to which the buckle itself, and there are hand holes, valve for ventilation of the feet and a hood,” — said the astronaut.

Wagner compared the sleep in the cabin with camping in a single tent, but instead of birds singing can be heard only the noise of the fans. According to the astronaut, the advantage of sleeping in zero gravity is that it did not rest up the sides and other parts of the body.

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