Ephraim has established an accurate diagnosis, which is the sentence for the driver

Doctors diagnosed the Russian actor Mikhail Efremov chronic alcoholism. For the driver this means only one thing – a lifetime loss of driving privileges. In the case of a fatal accident the police will want to bet, starting from a new diagnosis.

Telegram-channel Mash reports that on the eve of the psychiatric examination showed that the people’s artist of Russia sane. And he was diagnosed with chronic alcoholism, informs LigaNews.

The police are waiting for life to deprive of the driving license of Ephraim. Meanwhile, media discuss a new version of why the actor sat behind the wheel drunk. In an interview the Pasha, counsel for Ephraim, named two reasons and two completely different. At first he said that the actor got behind the wheel drunk and went to a friend who died. He later said that the friend is alive and well in Ukraine, but his wife and mother-in-law are in a very serious condition in a hospital in Moscow, and urgently need to visit.

Experts believe that all these stories were not invented by Efremov and his “friends”. Experts agree that Efremov the most common alcoholic who not for the first time sat behind the wheel drunk. However, on 8 June this offense was worth a person’s life.


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