Pompeo urged not to allow the supply to Iran of weapons from Russia and China

Помпео призвал не допустить поставок в Иран оружия из России и Китая

US will not allow the flow of weapons to Iran’s Russian and Chinese aircraft, said Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“If the UN embargo on arms supplies to Iran expires in October, Iran will be able to buy new fighters like the Russian su-30 and the Chinese J-10. With these extremely deadly aircraft of Europe and Asia can be under the eye of Iran. USA would never allow it,” wrote Pompeo in Twitter.

To the record he made a diagram that shows the zones of actions of the Chinese and Russian aircraft during takeoff from airfields in Iran – 1648 and 3000 kilometers in diameter. The chart shows that the su-30 can operate from Germany in the North-West to Sri Lanka in the South-East of Iran.

In may, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sent a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in which he mentioned that high-ranking officials of the US state Department promoted the idea of the introduction of the line of perpetual security Council arms embargo against Iran and the use of the mechanisms provided for in the resolution 2231, which regulated the establishment of a Joint comprehensive plan of action. The Russian Minister stressed that the objective grounds to raise the question of the arms embargo against Iran no. He recalled that “the licensing order supplies” to Iran of military equipment were of a temporary nature – it was made to run achieved in 2015, arrangements that it is now irrelevant. Lavrov stressed that the application of restrictions on arms supplies to Iran after 18 October 2020 “was never intended, and there is no legal or other reason to reconsider this understanding.”


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