How to make a press baling machine for hay with their hands

Как сделать тюковальный пресс для сена своими руками

Harvesting hay for livestock, it is necessary to ensure that it was convenient to store. There are different ways.

The easiest to pile a haystack the desired height and set it on top of foil (to protect from rain and snow). However, this method is suitable mainly for the storage of hay in the street.

So you can store hay in a barn or other commercial premises, you need to make bales of the right size. This is done by pressing with the aid of simple tools (press).

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Press baling machine from scrap materials

To make a device for tusovki hay you can own hands, using simple and affordable materials.

In this case, the author uses pieces of chipboard from an old wardrobe. If you don’t have chipboard, you can use as the basis for other materials: plywood, OSB, plain boards. In General all that is available.


The first thing sawn off the workpiece and assemble the box (with a bottom or without) a suitable size and shape (for example, you can make a square or rectangular box).

Do the front door (fasten a piece of chipboard to the furniture hinge) so that you can get ready a bale of hay.

Как сделать тюковальный пресс для сена своими руками

There is a flip cover with the lever. For the manufacture of the lever you will need:

  • profile 40×40 mm;
  • angle steel 40×40 mm;
  • angle steel 50×50 mm.

How to make a bale of hay with a homemade press

In the upper part of the rear wall of the drawer and screw a few screws and fasten the ends of the twine. Extend the rope along the wall and leave at the bottom. Bring the ends outside the box.

Open the door and put a small amount of hay. Then the door to close, and further laying of the hay is already in the top hole.

Как сделать тюковальный пресс для сена своими руками

Tamp the hay with your hands, then cover, and compact the bale by pressure on the lever.

Как сделать тюковальный пресс для сена своими руками

Open the door, passed through the slots the upper ends of twine, and bind a bale of hay so he is not broke.

The size and weight of the finished bale

With this homemade press to make a bale 50х50х80 see If it is the weight of each bale will be about 10 kg.

Как сделать тюковальный пресс для сена своими руками

To produce one bale with due skill (if you never before was not engaged — will need to get hand) will take 5-7 minutes.

Read more about how to make a press baling machine for hay, you can watch the video below. This idea has shared with us the author’s YouTube channel SeReGa Gr. MasterOK.


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