Monument to Roosevelt outside the Museum of natural history in new York dismantled as a “symbol of systemic racism”

Памятник Рузвельту около Музея естественной истории в Нью-Йорке демонтируют как "символ системного расизма"

Памятник Рузвельту около Музея естественной истории в Нью-Йорке демонтируют как "символ системного расизма"

The American Museum of natural history in new York decided to dismantle the monument to President Theodore Roosevelt, established in 1940 at the entrance of the Museum, told the newspaper The New York Times the President of the Museum Ellen Fatter.

According to her, the Museum community empathizes with the growing movement for racial justice, which intensified after the murder of George Floyd. In addition, the Museum noted that more attention is paid to the monuments as offensive symbols of systemic racism. One of these characters felt and the equestrian statue of Roosevelt, the sides of which on the ground are the figures of Indian and African.

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio supported this decision and recalled that long sculpture is a symbol of racial discrimination, writes the Washington Times. He said that the Museum asked for permission to remove the sculptural group because it “clearly represents blacks and native peoples as racially inferior and subordinate”.

The great-grandson of the 26th President of the USA 77-year-old Theodore Roosevelt IV said that the composition of the sculptural group “does not reflect the heritage of Theodore Roosevelt”, “it’s time to remove it and move on”. When and where the monument will take is not yet decided. The US President Donald trump on Twitter called the decision ridiculous and urged not to touch the monument.

Amid protests, the reason for which was the death in Minneapolis of a black George Floyd, from other States began to receive information about the demolition and the dismantling of monuments to heroes of the Civil war, on the side of the slave South. In the past, the US has considered them brave and talented generals and simultaneously explain, often they were defending the wrong ideals, including slavery.

June 2 the government of Virginia decided to dismantle the monument to the commander of the army of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. June 10, protesters in Richmond (Virginia) brought down the monument to Christopher Columbus, accusing the pioneer in the genocide of the indigenous population of America. June 20, demonstrators tore down a statue of Confederate General albert Pike in Raleigh. On 14 June it was reported on the withdrawal of the protesters of the bust of the slave owner John McDonough in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Against this background, the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi ordered to remove from the Capitol the portraits of the previous speakers who have served in times of Confederation, and put to the vote the amendment providing for the renaming of U.S. military bases named after generals of the confederates. Pelosi also said that from the Capitol building it is necessary to remove the statues of leaders and soldiers of the Confederate States of America. In turn, the US President Donald trump said that’s not even considering the possibility of renaming the important U.S. military bases such as Fort Bragg, Fort hood and Fort Benning.


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