The expert explained why you need to turn off Bluetooth on the smartphone

Эксперт рассказал, почему нужно выключать Bluetooth на смартфоне

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Included on the smartphone the Bluetooth network can not only prematurely to defuse the device, but also lead to transparent attack intruders, told RIA Novosti senior software engineer at digital security company Avast Vojtech Barrels.

“If people will keep Bluetooth permanently switched on and discoverable, it can be a bit faster to discharge the battery”, — the expert warns.

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In addition, the Bluetooth automatically for a short time enters the detection mode to the user on the network to connect to another device. This feature works for user convenience, but it increases the risk of connecting to a smartphone strangers.

“If you disable discovery mode in Bluetooth or just completely disable Bluetooth, it will not allow other unauthorized devices attempt to send data or to connect to the phone. However, even if Bluetooth is enabled before making the attachment or connection with other smartphones, users will still have to confirm this action. Such pop-UPS can distract or to cause inconvenience, so it is recommended to completely disable this feature,” said Barrels.

For cyber-attacks, the attacker must first find out the MAC address of the Bluetooth adapter. “It’s much easier to do if the phone can detect. So, of course, it would be better to turn off Bluetooth on the smartphone or make it available for other devices when you are not using it,” — said the expert.

According to him, the technology has a number of vulnerabilities, but there is no need for concern: the possibility and the Bluetooth version is constantly updated.

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