Brown bread the night fermentation

Серый хлеб ночного брожения

Not so long ago I acquainted you with simple bread recipe with no kneading. Today I also simple and delicious recipe, but with a slightly different composition and technology of cooking. The bread is delicious and soft, with a thin and crispy crust and porous crumb. The recipe I read in the book Jim LAHI “My bread”.

Серый хлеб ночного брожения


  • Wheat flour — 200 g
  • Rye flour — 200 g
  • Yeast — 1 g (approximately 1/4 teaspoon)
  • Salt — 1 teaspoon with a small top
  • Water (cool) — 300 ml + 2-3 tbsp.

Cooking time bread: fermentation 18 hours + 2 hours of proofing + 50 minutes baking.


To measure the right amount of ingredients. Sift the flour through a sieve.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияKnead the dough (it is very sticky) and cover the bowl with cling film. If there is a dry flour, you can add another 2-3 tablespoons of water.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияLeave the dough at room temperature for 18 hours. I kneaded the dough the day before after dinner, and it is all night. Now it is warm and I leave a bowl on the floor under the window. The dough still rises well. Before you go to bed you can press down the dough so it didn’t run.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияAfter a specified time to probility work surface with flour and transfer the dough.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияSprinkle the top with flour and make alminco technique “Stretch and fold”, which means “stretch and fold”. That is, the dough should stretch into a rectangle.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияThen fold it like a book. Such manipulation repeat 1 more time.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияTo round off buhanku and leave for proofing for 2 hours in a warm place, cover it with a towel. Dough I immediately spread on baking paper, sprinkled with flour. The paper should be of high quality and withstand high temperatures!

Серый хлеб ночного броженияThe dough has risen, you can proceed to baking bread. As in the previous recipe, you need a deep pan or roaster with a lid. Half an hour before baking the bread turn on the oven at 250°C and heat well her. In the oven, put a roasting pan with a lid, so it too has warmed up. Get a roasting pan and carefully put in her bread straight from the paper. Cover and place in oven. Be careful, it’s really hot!

Bake the bread under the lid for 30 minutes at a temperature of 250°C. Then remove the lid and bake for another 20 minutes.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияTo get the bread and allow to cool on a wire rack, covering with a towel.

Серый хлеб ночного броженияBon appetit!


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