American in the fight crushed your puny boyfriend

There is no doubt that extra weight is life-threatening. Heart attacks, strokes and indigestion await well-fed people at every step. But you also need to remember that the excess weight can kill not only its owner but also another person, as happened in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.

The owner of magnificent forms, 44-year-old Windy Thomas (Windi Thomas), has a good chance to spend 18 to 36 years in prison on charges of murder of the third degree. The tragedy occurred during an argument women with her boyfriend Cinema Butler (Keeno Butler) in the yard of their home. Man, though, and were the same age as his girlfriend, but with my 50 kg was clearly not in her weight class.

Started this unpleasant history with the usual skirmishes that happen in all pairs. But Thomas, having irascible nature and feeling the physical superiority, have decided not to be limited to battle and attacked her black lover with a leg of a chair and a kitchen knife.

The man received several blows to the head and body and a stab wound hands and decided to leave the battlefield. But the Windy already entered into the taste and to stop it could only be a freight train — the woman caught her boyfriend on the porch and, after a series of blows, the fight went to the ground.

Ended the fight on the ground very quickly — the Windy Thomas sat on the Butler’s chest, causing him to immediately gave up the Ghost. However, in the opinion of the coroner the cause of death was articulated more beautifully:

“…death due to respiratory failure, shock caused by blunt neck injury and compression of the sternum, complicated by blunt impact injury of head.”

Whatever it was, but the poor Movie the Butler battle lost and went to the morgue, and his passion in a detention cell. Despite the fact that aggressive plump faces, and so a considerable period Butler’s relatives believe that a woman should receive the maximum punishment prescribed by law.

“I believe the term to which she will sentence must be forty years or more. She deserves to stay in prison until the end of life.”

Sees the situation as Sandra Jean Butler — the sister of the deceased. According to the woman, the couple was tense all two years of their life together and fighting was an integral part of the life of a couple. Sandra also says that I have repeatedly asked the Windy not to kill her brother, figuratively speaking. Who knew that this would happen?

I must say that Mr. Butler is also the angel was not, according to Thomas, the fatal quarrel began with the fact that the Movie came home drunk and was going later to meet a drug dealer to replenish stocks of cocaine. Despite this, for my sister Sandra, daughter of Adele, two grandsons and nine brothers and sisters, and mothers, the death of the Butler was a real tragedy, as illustrated by the obituaries and memorial service held at the site of tragic death.

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