Construction of panel houses in the country: technology and features

Строительство щитового дома на даче: технология и особенности

The technology of building frame houses has long been used in the United States and Canada. The main advantages of such buildings — long life and efficiency of construction.

Tools and materials

As for the materials, they are much more diverse. For convenience they can be divided into groups:

  1. for preparatory works — cement, gravel, sand, metal rods and roofing;
  2. for construction works — shields, regular and special purpose boards, rafters, architraves, wooden beams, nails and metal corners.

Строительство щитового дома на даче: технология и особенности

Technology of construction of panel houses

This process consists of a set of sequential actions:

  1. Conduct preparatory works involving site selection for the construction and design of buildings.
  2. On the site, make markings, then proceed with the excavation and construction of Foundation. Ready concrete Foundation covered with a layer of waterproofing material.
  3. For mounting of wooden boards, acting as ceiling of the basement waterproofing to make a mark. Panel components began to be laid in a residential area.

    Installed in these rooms, the shields act as a floor, therefore, these elements unite down the binder. It is important to observe how closely stacked the boards with the edge of the Foundation.

    Before joining the boards, to check conformance of these elements to the project, as well as marking them strapping. Such elements must be placed strictly horizontally.

    To efficiently and effectively connect the shields require at least two people. Usually you have to use nails which hammer in piping adjacent to each other boards. When one person drives the nails, the other monitors the correct output of this fixture.

    The boards, installed on the veranda, hold the connecting boards. Except the bottom, boards knock the top of the shields.

    To walk on freshly laid boards is impossible. To move between the rooms, lay the long Board.

  4. Wall panel structures usually begin to build with the mounting angle of the shield, which necessarily level. The edges of this element combine with the outdoor face of the shield.
    Строительство щитового дома на даче: технология и особенности

    Corner shield before the final fastening be sure to check for verticality, which uses a plumb. In the same way set another shield, which join with the first. Their bond usually use metal corners.

    Using this technology, erecting the whole wall construction. With a tape measure and plumb periodically check the proper placement of the shields, as well as the compliance of the constructed structures project.

  5. On the upper part of the walls of the future house switchboard put the attic floor. Between wall boards are laid long boards that will provide the ability to move between parts of the structure. Attic shields are fastened with strapping, which uses wood ear. On the resulting joints are placed frames.
  6. Perform installation of the roof. For the boards using pads secured in two places — at the bottom near supports and top in the ridge. Connecting planks laid on edge, act as elements for fastening the boards. The latter set at an angle, forming a roof.
    Строительство щитового дома на даче: технология и особенности
    To close the ends of the attic, use the gable boards. The vertical location of these elements check a plumb, temporarily propping them braces. The construction of the roof is completed with perforation holes for the installation of pipe and installing strapping and drain boards.
    Строительство щитового дома на даче: технология и особенности

Home shield is ideal for cottages, you plan to visit periodically. The elements of such structures in the winter does not suffer from multiple thawing and freezing. In summer, the shield building provides a nice coolness.


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