How to make “floating” gifts

Как сделать «парящий» горшок для комнатных цветов

Don’t know which pot to choose for house plants: classic plastic (can be bought cheaply in the store) or, for example, made of cement mortar?

If you want something original, we have a better idea, you can make an original “floating” pot made of wood.

In this case, it is ideal for small indoor plants. However, you can make the pot larger.

We recommend you also read how to make a flower pot out of cement and ceramic tiles.

The first thing you will need to prepare the cubes of wood. It is desirable to find solid wood species. Then you need to saw billets of a suitable size.


In the next step glue the two square frames. Then do a couple of parts that need to attach to the frame. Cover the wood with mineral oil.

Как сделать «парящий» горшок для комнатных цветов

Как сделать «парящий» горшок для комнатных цветов

Then tighten the frame screws (not completely), and in the other two parts of the drill holes. Join both parts with fishing line or rope (as it is shown in the video).

Как сделать «парящий» горшок для комнатных цветов

To the upper frame fasten the bottom of the plastic cover film. Then you can plant a flower. Due to the so-called “floating effect” looks a miniature flowerbed is quite unusual.

Как сделать «парящий» горшок для комнатных цветов

Details on how to make “floating” pot for indoor plants, see the video below. Idea shared by YouTube channel DIYFixMan.


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