The journalist has opened in the barn of a non-existent restaurant, and he became the best in London according to TripAdvisor

Vice journalist Ian Butler (Oobah Butler) in the first eight months have transformed your backyard into the best restaurant in London according to TripAdvisor. In April 2017, he registered the name The Shed at Dulwich, created a website and pointed out that the restaurant is open upon prior reservation. Then Butler with friends wrote fake reviews from visitors, took a picture of the “dish” of shaving foam, cotton pads and other non-edible things. With the popularity of TripAdvisor he began to write PR and want to go to the restaurant, and then the Joker really had to receive guests and to cook dinner.

Prior to the publication Vice Butler wrote fake reviews TriAdvisor and receive € 10 for every positive review. This inspired his idea to “create” their own restaurant and make it popular.

On the website it was necessary to add food photos.

Photo of bacon and eggs made the journalist with his feet.

Delicious cake made out of inedible ingredients.

Instead of cream in the shaving foam.

TripAdvisor confirmed the demand of Butler, and a restaurant The Shed at Dulwich started with the latest in ranking position at number 18 149.

“Finally, I’m the best in the world in the restaurant, I can’t believe it!”

Friends Butler began to make a positive feedback, and gradually the restaurant began to move up the list. Review wrote by real people from different computers to the technology of the website doesn’t suspect anything.

The journalist began to refer people who want to visit the restaurant. Soon The Shed at Dulwich was among 10 thousand of the best institutions of TripAdvisor, but to fly took the 1456-th place in the ranking.

In all cases the reporter was told that the restaurant is booked weeks in advance. He also wrote that people who wish to work in the restaurant.

By August a non-existent restaurant ranked 156 th place in the ranking.

Butler calls up via Skype with a PR Agency, who offered him their services.

1 Nov The Shed at Dulwich topped the rating of TripAdvisor. As you complete your project, the journalist decided one day to open a restaurant.

He established in the garden heater.

Bought groceries, prepared dinners and called a friend of the chef.

The atmosphere of the evening was answered by the DJ.

During the evening the restaurant hosted several visitors.

The guests were met on the road, blindfolded and led to the backyard of the house.

Not everything turned out to consider: one of the visitors saw in the garden of chicken, which was supposed to cook and serve for dinner, which was odd for a “restaurant” from the list of the best vegetarian establishments in the city.

After this evening the Shed at Dulwich on TripAdvisor started to fall, and then the service completely removed the page for cheat reviews. After the goal, Butler asked the members of the service, how reliable their system is. They replied that the only who may want to create a fake restaurant, is journalists who want to check them, but for others it makes no sense.

After exposing Butler called the pair, who had been at his dinner, and asked if it is possible again to reserve a table in the non-existent restaurant.

In October 2017 UBA Butler has created a non-existent designer brand “Giorgio Peviani”: bought the same domain, printed business cards and met with buyers and fashionistas. So he came to the show of Paris fashion week and has received several other invitations from representatives of the fashion industry.

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