Each historian Sokolov told about the party, which he gave after the murder

After the murder of Anastasia Yeshchenko historian Oleg Sokolov decided to make the apartment party. More in detail about it told the Navy Constantine, the friend of the murderer.

On that fateful day, the falcons decided to throw in her apartment party. Guests were not even aware that in the next room lies the corpse of the girl, informs LigaNews with reference to Moskovsky Komsomolets.

One historian admitted that that evening the falcons were acting so strange, but outwardly it very much was not. The only thing that caught the eye, – the face became more wrinkled. Constantine admitted that in a hall have not found the presence of female things, but did not attach much importance.

Also he did not see anywhere signs of a struggle or blood. All night the falcons spent surrounded by guests and talked about the history of France. Thus even joked and drank brandy. One of the guests peeked into the bedroom, where lay the body of Anastasia. Only when all came from the historian, I noticed the light in the two rooms. It is possible that in this moment he decided to get rid of the girl’s body.

Guests decided that falcons cleaned after every guest. The next day Constantine had learned that historian was arrested on suspicion of murder. The man still remains in a state of shock.

It is not excluded that, having organized a party, Sokolov tried to make an alibi on the day of the murder.


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