Second chance old pillows

Второй шанс старых подушек

With a pillow each of us probably associate a lot of good. This is an indispensable assistant that helps us comfortable lying on the bed and relaxation. That is the pillow we hug tight, because she is our guide into the realm of Morpheus, as desired at the end of each day.

But sometimes the pillow need help, because it gets dirty, and bed linen. While Housewives pay more attention to the sheets and pillowcases, but washable pillow fillers not in a hurry, because it is difficult and long. And today we’ll show you how to wash pillows in the washing machineto keep them clean and pleasant to the touch.

Второй шанс старых подушек


It is easier to wash the pillow with synthetic filling. So, polyester fiber products can be washed in the washing machine at temperatures up to 40 degrees. But the pillows are filled with holofayber, you can prostitiute and at 80 degrees.

Второй шанс старых подушек

As for the bamboo pillow filler, they are generally suitable for washing at any temperature. However, drying of such products is required only in horizontal mode. Going to dry hit and miss — instead of a pillow will receive a bag with the crumbs.

To deal with the germs and dust use liquid soap or even shampoo. After such a purification there will be no trace, no smell. Pressing the pillow should only be hand. Auto spin will turn her into a shapeless lump that already can’t sleep. And twisting impossible, and only pressing.

Второй шанс старых подушек

But a latex pillow can not be washed — they can only be vacuumed. The stains removed by a damp cloth. This treatment, of course, will not rescue from dirt and germs, so every 2-3 years like the pillows should be changed. The same goes for anti-stress products, which as a filler contain buckwheat, flax seeds, berry seeds and so on.

Separately should be said about the pen and feather pillows. These products are very popular, but their cleaning at home can be difficult. Rugged pillow-case of weakly pervious to water, so it should rip, and the contents sorted on the pillowcases, which are then washed. And this washing takes place in several stages.

Второй шанс старых подушек


  • In the soap solution, add a spoonful of ammonia. In this mixture soak the cushion covers with filler. The ammonia needed to kill the germs, besides he is great and cleans.
  • Rinse well.
  • Manually wring and dry it. When drying the pillow cases filled with whipped and turn often to avoid lumps.
  • Let the bags dry thoroughly, then open them and place the filler in a clean pillow-case. Now the pillow that breathes with purity and freshness that only a positive impact on the quality of your sleep.Второй шанс старых подушек
  • Pillow filled with down or feather, it should be washed when the weather is very hot or very cold. The heat will dry the moisture, and the frost will freeze. With an average temperature pillow will be dry for a long time and it will begin to multiply pathogenic microorganisms.

    Washing pillows in the washing machine is quite possible, if you choose the right mode: hand or delicate. Do not use air conditioning, because the feather from him crushed, then the pillow is hard to beat. But if your washing machine able to dry hot steam — do take advantage of this feature. In this case we recommend to fluff a pillow between drying cycles, so it will be magnificent.

    Второй шанс старых подушек

    To wash the pillow — it is dreary but necessary. Wash pen and silicone cushion 4 times a year, but the bamboo every 2 months. Synthetic pillows are erased once a year at most. As for the other pillow, their cleaning should be done at least twice a year.


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