The worst times: Kim postponed a war with South Korea

До худших времен: Ким отложил войну с Южной КореейKim Jong-UN was postponed prepared by the General staff of the DPRK war plan against South Korea. A week ago, Pyongyang announced its intention to return the military to the demilitarized zone and started the installation of speakers to broadcast to the South of campaign materials, and now North Korea appears to be making a step back. What is guided by Kim Jong UN — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

North Korea has decided not to aggravate relations with Seoul. At least, the General staff presented a plan of military action against the South, decided to postpone the message of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA).

“The Central military Committee of Labour party of Korea has decided to postpone the start of military action against South Korea”,

reads the Agency’s report, released on June 24.

The meeting was chaired by the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN. What caused such a decision of the head of North Korea, is unknown. At the meeting the management of the mills considered the draft military policy, reports, resolutions that will be submitted to the fifth session of the CEC TPK of the seventh convocation, and various documents reflecting the “state of the further strengthening of military power and deterrence of the country.”

In addition, the South Korean Agency Repap reported that Pyongyang had dismantled about 10 loudspeakers along the demarcation line established for the transmission of propaganda materials. And such inconsistency in the actions of the North Korean leadership still raises questions among observers, because reinstalling zvukorezhissery equipment (which, incidentally, had previously been dismantled by agreement, Seoul and Pyongyang), according to North Korean media began a few days before, on 22 Jun 2020.

A week ago, and all it seemed that Kim set up very strongly. June 17, Pyongyang announced plans to return its troops to the areas from which they were previously withdrawn for the same inter-Korean agreements.

And the day before the DPRK military blew up the site when opened in 2018 in the city of Kaesong, used for talks with South Korea. It is hardly possible to believe that this action will completely undermine all the channels of communication between the two countries, especially considering that the building itself was located on the territory of North Korea, and representatives of Seoul was not listed among the employees of the communications center. Even more, he has not worked since January of this year. But the gesture, however, carries with it quite serious symbolic value — it was still the first point of communication between Pyongyang and Seoul since the country’s division in 1945.

Pyongyang even threatened to block all government and military communication channels with South Korea, and to refuse other items on the bilateral peace agreements.

Anger of the North Korean leadership called propaganda leaflets, thrown into the DPRK from the territory of South Korea. Pyongyang directly pointed out that Seoul could not prevent this fact. The leaflets conveyed to the Northern neighbor by means of balloons, implicated Kim Jong-UN in human rights violations and developing nuclear programs.

However, the flyers still see more of a reason to raise rates in the international dialogue of the North Korean leadership. In recent years foreign policy that was supposed to be a triumph for Kim and a demonstration of its openness and negotiability, did not give the required results.

Kim Jong-UN became the first North Korean leader, who had gone for a bilateral summit with U.S. President Donald trump in 2018. It was held in Singapore, and then, indeed, it seemed that the frozen dialogue moving. In the same year achieved an inter-Korean agreement, which had to turn to Kim’s extensive development cooperation between the two Koreas is the restoration of roads and Railways in the DPRK, and the establishment of joint economic zones, technology parks, and even tourism development.

However, the second meeting of Kim and trump in 2019, virtually turned into no diplomatic efforts of the DPRK. And although this summit in Hanoi was already prepared the text of the Declaration, which as planned was to be the beginning of a long process of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, the two leaders did not agree.

Trump then claimed that Pyongyang has put a condition about the full lifting of us sanctions in exchange for dismantling the nuclear facility at Yongbyon. Washington is such a step did not go.

In fact, after this dialogue, Pyongyang — Washington is almost completely stood up. All international aspirations Kim was at a standstill: agreement with Seoul return has not brought the negotiations with the US on the nuclear issue failed, North Korea continues to live in the scale of sanctions.

“In these circumstances, the North Koreans seem to have come to the conclusion that relations with South Korea not bring any result, first of all, in terms of addressing pressing economic and financial problems of the DPRK. In these conditions, they may have thought it best to slam the door,” said “Газете.Ru” senior researcher, Center for Asia-Pacific studies, IMEMO ran, Oleg Davydov.

However, already at the stage when Pyongyang went on hikes in the expert community had doubts that North Korea is determined to go to drastic aggravation of the situation because the North Korean leadership have previously used to heighten tensions and provocations in order to attract international attention and to start trading.

“The situation in the North Korean economy is deteriorating. According to some estimates, revenues from North Korean exports declined because of sanctions up to 90%. In these circumstances, Pyongyang may have felt it necessary to remind myself, starting with the aggravation of inter-Korean relations, which could be a prelude to a new round of confrontation”, — said the source “Газеты.Ru”.

In this configuration, the final addressee of the “message from” the aggravation is not only Seoul, but also Washington is one of the closest allies of South Korea and the main initiator of the sanctions policy.

Indirectly indicate that the current developments may be a pre-planned provocation, maybe the fact that the “face” antiJewish campaign this time was not himself, Kim Jong-UN and his sister Kim yo-Jong. She talked about the “anger of the people” and the “next step” that will calm him down. The very same Kim Jong-UN was keeping a break and chose not to comment on the events that led to nervous observers.


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