The fire at the station “peace”: the explorers could not communicate with the mainland

The fire, which occurred Sunday evening at the station “Mirny” in Antarctica, could disrupt the relationship explorers from the mainland. As reported “MK” the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic scientific research Institute (NII AA), instantly broke out of the building. There were a number of scientific laboratories: meteomarine, Cabinet aerology, server, the meteorological lab radio room. At the time of the fire the staff of the station premises was not, therefore, fortunately, has done without victims and victims.

Пожар на станции «Мирный»: полярники не могли связаться с Большой землей

With regard to allegations of burned-out lab of Lebedev physical Institute, where he carried out the program of the stratospheric sounding of cosmic rays, it for some time now been moved to a separate non-residential premises-hangar.

According to the staff of the Physical Institute named Lebedev, at the time of the message in Moscow did not know about the fire. The relationship with the sole employee of the Institute working in the “Peace”, is held every three days at teletype (at the “Peace” is problematic). Explorers usually come on link right of the burnt House radio. So, presumably, during a fire no one could effectively communicate with the mainland.

About the reasons for the instant of ignition of the building is not know yet and in AA NII. However, there are suggestions that if the teletype machine and was injured, the connection will soon be restored through a backup system.

Fires at the Russian Antarctic stations — a very rare phenomenon. For example, our question is: when is it the last time, the explorers only came up with case: at the station “Vostok” a few years ago there was a fire a diesel generator.


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