From Germany to Russia set off a new shipment of nuclear waste

Из Германии в Россию отправился новый груз с ядерными отходами

From Germany to Russia sent a new shipment of hundreds of tons of nuclear waste. According to the statement of environmental NGO Ecodefense, made on Tuesday, Russia sent the cargo of 600 tons of radioactive waste from the plant’s uranium enrichment Urenco in the German town of Gronau.

12 cars with the waste produced during the enrichment of uranium during the production of fuel for nuclear power plants, sent by railway. Even a number of containers traveling by truck to Amsterdam, where they will be delivered by sea to the port of Ust-Luga near St. Petersburg.

In Russia, the waste must be delivered to the Ural electrochemical plant in Novouralsk Sverdlovsk region.

Russian legislation prohibits the import of nuclear waste from abroad for disposal, but allowed the import of nuclear materials for enrichment with subsequent return to the foreign supplier.
Greenpeace say that the secondary waste nevertheless remain in Russia.

Deliveries of uranium waste from Germany was resumed in 2019 after a decade. In addition, the permission to use ports in the Netherlands to deliver waste to Russia received French’orano.

From the beginning of 2020, according to such as, in Russia delivered more than three thousand tons of nuclear waste. The German company Urenco plans to increase supply volume to 12 million tons by 2022.

In Germany, Greenpeace protests against the export of waste. We collected 70 thousand signatures under the petition to ban the import into Russia of the by-products of uranium enrichment.


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