Symantec announced new hacking

Symantec заявила о новых хакерских атаках

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The company Symantec, which specializes in cybersecurity, said the series of attacks against American companies and users from hackers attempting to install malware WastedLocker.

“WastedLocker is a relatively new target of ransomware… WastedLocker is related to the notorious cybercriminal Evil Corp,” reads a press release from Symantec, which is part of the California Corporation Broadcom.

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Indicated that the ultimate goal of these attacks is to encrypt a large portion of computers and servers to require the owners of a multimillion-dollar ransom. “At least 31 organizations came under attack, and this means that the total number of attacks can be much more. Intruders hacked (computer) network of organizations and preparing for attacks using ransomware,” according to the company.

They point out that the attackers were trying to monitor employees who work remotely, then used weaknesses in their home computers, through which tried to gain access to the working network of the companies-victims.

U.S. law enforcement authorities in December 2019 published charges in computer hacking and Bank fraud against the citizens of the Russian Federation Maxim Akubra, Igor Turashev and others. According to investigators, 32-year-old Muscovite Maxim Jakóbiec is allegedly a leader of hacker group Evil Corp, which used Bugat and Zeus to gain unauthorized access to users ‘ Bank accounts. The real losses of the victims of his attacks are estimated at $ 70 million. The U.S. Treasury then announced that the Jakóbiec linked with the FSB, which worked in 2017.

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