Yefremov had a heart attack: lawyer called the cause

June 25 Russian actor Mikhail Yefremov suffered a heart attack. The news was announced by his lawyer Elman Pashayev. With his words the spiritual experiences due to his mother, who died a year ago.

Yesterday, June 25, people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov suffered a heart attack. Pashayev said that the artist it was hard to move the anniversary of the death of his mother. That is why he did not ask the investigator to let him go to the cemetery, informs LigaNews with reference to Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Ephraim became ill on the night of 25 June. The family wanted to call an ambulance, but the actor has asked them not to, said Pashayev.

In the afternoon his condition improved slightly. However, he refused to go to the grave of his mother, fearing serious consequences for your health. Earlier this week, the actor and his lawyer sought permission to visit the grave of the mother of Ephraim on June 25. The actor refused to go to the cemetery and decided to stay at home.

According to Pashayeva, his client is very upset about how because of the death of the van driver Sergei Zakharov, and difficult to tolerate a year without a mother. Still on the head of Ephraim fell off a new attack. His daughter Anne-Marie criticized the desire of the father to adopt the minor children Zakharova. Accused of incompetence and Pashayeva, who misinterpreted and gave the journalists the meaning of the words spoken by Ephraim regarding the “adoption”.


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