How to achieve lush flowering Hippeastrum

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

A variety of home greenery pleases the eye and brings to life bright colors. It’s great when every day on your window blooms a little flower. Today we will talk about “Knight’s star”. There home is incredibly beautiful in its color, and care for them is not difficult.


This bulbous perennial is a plant is very showy. With its huge beautiful flowers is associated with many interesting legends and superstitions. It is not strange, look for inflorescences indeed incredibly mysterious.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

Homeland plants — the tropical belt of South America. From there he was brought to the researchers many years ago. However, to grow a flower was possible only in the greenhouse. There are more than 70 species of this plant. Flowers can be red, Burgundy, white, pink and yellow.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

Winter this plant is well tolerated, however, in the early spring, you should check the pots for harmful insects. If they were found, they must be removed using special tools. After that, the plant needs to be transplanted.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

Features transplant plants

After you gently pull out the onion out of the ground, it carefully check. Pay particular attention to the bottom and roots. The new pot should be taken of the small size.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

As the drainage layer perfect stone. Use a universal soil, with perlite. It is very important that when transplanting one-third of the bulb remains at the top.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

After the transplant, there needs to be watered. Remember that pouring water directly on the bulb undesirable. You need to gently water near the walls of the pot. With the appearance of flower arrow is watering a little boost.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

The secret of frequent flowering Hippeastrum is that a rest period was in the winter. In spring the plant is transplanted in close pot. Immediately after flowering the bulb needs careful feeding.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

Suggest home grown several of these perennials in different colors. You can create an entire composition, which will decorate the interior and will delight you every day with their bright colors.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

Knowing people do not advise to put perennial beside the bed in the bedroom. It can cause insomnia and bad dreams. Also it is not necessary to place in the office where the person is important to concentrate and not be distracted.

Как добиться пышного цветения гиппеаструма

The pot can be placed in the kitchen or living room, where light is welcome chaos of thoughts and imagination. Also you can place a few pots in the nursery. The flower contributes to the development of creative thinking and handmade talents.


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