The ISS found excess noise

На МКС обнаружили превышение шума

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Doctors of Institute mediko-biological problems RAS, and the cosmonaut training Center found excess noise in the cabins of American and Russian modules on the International space station.

“The cabins RS SM (service module Zvezda of the Russian segment of the ISS — ed.) sound levels exceeded the permissible values by 1.1 and 4.6 dB. Compared to previous measurements from March 10, 2019, the sound levels in the cabins increased by 1.8 decibels in the right quarters, and left the cabin almost has not changed”, — quotes RIA “news” the report of the doctors.

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The increase in noise is also recorded in the cabins of the American segment of the station, which are located in the module Harmony.

“Due to the fact that the sound levels in the ISS exceeded the permissible value, the crew recommended the use of individual means of noise protection (headphones with active noise reduction), and close the cabin door at night”, — stated in the message.

Also, the doctors pointed out the excess of permissible noise levels by 1.0-5.1 dB in the workplace in the Russian and American modules.

“Compared with previous measurements from March 10, 2019, the sound levels at workplaces CM by 1.1 and 3.5 dB”, — the report says.

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It is noted that the noise on the ISS is from the running fans and equipment.

Earlier it was reported that American analyzer air locked in the Russian segment of the ISS.

Recall that in late may on the ISS, recorded a higher concentration of benzene. NASA suggested that elevated levels of toxic benzene in the atmosphere of the ISS could cause air cleaner in one of the American modules. The exchange between Russian and American segments of the ISS ceased to search for a source of benzene.

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