Does nasal rinses and gargling in the fight against the coronavirus?

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh plan to finally find the answer to the burning question: does nasal rinses and gargling with salt water in the fight against the coronavirus?

As shown by studies of other coronaviruses cause the common cold, and belonging to the same group as SARS-CoV-2 — rinse is able to reduce the duration of illness and lessen the symptoms. Fewer patients complained of cough, stuffy nose, and the duration of colds was reduced by 2 days. Now scientists are going to figure out how the treatment affects patients COVID-19.

At the moment, experts are looking for infected volunteers, who will observe a period of 14 days, tracking how skazyvaetsya in the course of the disease, nasal rinses and gargling. At the end of the experiment the results compare with previous studies of coronaviruses.

“Preliminary data showed that this method of treatment can reduce the duration of colds, noted scientists from the University of Edinburgh — however, if he could help COVID-19 are not yet known. The study will help us dot the I”.


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