Interesting facts about “Gentlemen of fortune”

In December 1971, in Moscow cinema “Russia” the premiere of the legendary Comedy “Gentlemen of fortune”. Today let us talk about this masterpiece film and see how the process of its creation.

The film “Gentlemen of fortune” in 1972, was watched by around 65 million people.

Witnesses said that in the first days after the premiere of speculators was buying up all the tickets, red price which was 20 cents, and resold them for 3 rubles. In attendance, the film occupies the 12th place among Soviet films in the history of the Soviet cinema.

The Director of the movie, many people mistakenly believe George Danelia. Actually “Gentlemen” was filmed by Alexander Gray, and Danelia, along with Victoria Tokareva were the authors of the script.

“Because of his unrestrained, jealous temper Sasha was in prison, says Daniel. — Give him 8 years, but he came out ahead of schedule, in four years, with no money, no job. We were friends, we studied together more on the Higher Director’s courses, so I proposed to him, write the script and become the artistic Director of the painting and removes it. That settled the matter”.

The idea of the film gave the famous writer Valentin Yezhov. Initially, however, the story was quite different: good captain/Lieutenant the power of persuasion re-educate criminals, but higher police authorities, this idea did not like. Eventually the main character became the Director of the kindergarten, and his antithesis, a repeat offender named associate Professor.

The final composition of the actors is also different from the original. The main role was given to Yevgeny Leonov. But thieves-recidivists was to play Andrei Mironov, Rolan Bykov, Yuri Nikulin and Savely Kramarov.

Mironov, Nikulin Bulls and refused to act. Someone didn’t have time, someone was already occupied in other projects. The role of the Guy first auditioned for the lion Durov, but played this character, Georgy Vitsin. Unsuccessful at first, was the audition Savely KRAMAROVA, but the government persuaded authorities and Savely Viktorovich became Oblique.

“By the time Kramarov I have starred in several films, said Danelia. — Believe me. However, when the actor emigrated, he tried to cut. But I wrote to them that they are making an ideological mistake. Suggested to look at the picture carefully, because the actor Kramarov plays a gangster and a renegade. Act! Left everything as it was.”

The biggest problem was with the role of Vasily Alibabaevich. “I know why I get this? Because all white and Radik Muratov — he’s black” — then told Radner Muratov. He was first invited to the cameo of the warden, but when it became clear that the shooting should begin, and one of the main characters there, I decided to try it.

All thieves we are in the picture appeared thanks to Alexander Gray — use his prison experience. Posters that hung in the chamber: “On freedom — with a clear conscience”, “Remember yourself, tell the other that, honest work — the way home” and the thieves ‘ jargon: “get out”, “tear fall, eyes will be gouged out” — it’s all there, from the area.

“But about the “man in suit” (the monument to Lermontov) we Danelia themselves up,” says Tokarev. Censorship very seriously criticized the dialogue in film scripts. From the authors of the script required the most clean “criminal slang”, which saw the emergence of various new “quasiplane” words: “radish”, “sausage”, “Nebuchadnezzar” and others. And there is a legend that burial “on the shelf” movie saved the interior Minister Nikolay Shchelokov. On the eve of the Day the police showed him disgraced “Gentlemen of fortune” and he laughed so hard that sometimes drowned out the replica coming from the screen. Secretary-General Leonid Brezhnev, who laughed no less Shchelokov, about slang words said, “but half of these words we have every street urchin knows”.

Frame when Yevgeny Leonov, riding on a camel, was shot: the Director invited the trainer to put on the shoulders of the actor to hide behind the camel and walk with him side by side. The fact that Leonov did not succeed to climb on the camel Boris. A funny story happened when filming the scene in which Boris spits in KRAMAROVA. In fact, no spit, of course, was not supposed to. It was planned so: in one shot camel pulls his lips, and the next show KRAMAROVA, doused with shaving cream. But Kramarov so he grimaced and teased Boris that he spat at him genuinely, from the heart. Great actor for a long time then washed!

The role of the graduate of the Moscow kindergarten №83 of George was played by Igor Ugolnikov, the future has become a famous artist. Triangles do not remember this role, and to get the future host of the television show “wow!” and the star of the movie “Shirley myrli” is almost impossible.

For the filming of the car with cement for a long time could not find a suitable solution.

Radner Muratov told about the filming of this episode: “then came the day when we were there omitted. Drove the tank with ordinary bread yeast, tinted green onion essence. The composition was so tart, sticky… we got Out after the filming of this solution and quicker to wash, somehow had scrubbed it. Look, Vitsin and no. It turned out that he continues to sit in the tank because I found out that this part of 23 medicinal herbs and 15 years prolongs youth”.

In the city of Dzhambul (Kazakhstan), who mentions Vasily Alibabaevich Alibaba, now renamed Taraz, a monument to the “Gentlemen of fortune”. Only here the sculptural composition is no single “gentleman” — Bloke.

Another interesting detail connected with this town: pop singer Larisa Mondrus Israelevna, who performed for the movie the song “Rise and Shine”, was born in Jambul.

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