A world without US leadership: Merkel urged Europe to prepare

Мир без лидерства США: Меркель призвала Европу готовитьсяThe United States can no longer aspire to world leadership and Europe is worth to think seriously about it, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. So she commented on Washington’s decision to partially withdraw its troops from Germany. The number of military plans to reduce 10 thousand persons. In the United States explain the failure of the Berlin of its obligations in the framework of NATO.

Europe needs to think seriously about a new reality in which the United States may not seek, as before, to take the place of a world leader, said the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel posted in June 26 interview with several European Newspapers, including The Guardian.

“We have grown with a certain knowledge that the United States wants to be a world power. If the United States now want to cease to perform this role on their own, we need to think seriously about it,” she said.

So she responded to the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to reduce the military contingent of the United States in Germany, from 35 to 25 thousand people.

This step was related to the fact that Berlin, in Washington’s opinion, insufficient spending on defense in the NATO framework. As noted by European and American media, the US took this decision without any consultation with Germany or other countries of the Alliance.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in his speech at the German Marshall Fund in Brussels, said that the withdrawal of troops from Germany will be part of the process of strategic reassessment of the deployment of American military around the world: in Africa, Asia and Europe.

“American troops in Germany help to protect not only Germany and the European part of NATO, but also the interests of the United States. We in Germany know that we need to spend more on defense, we have achieved a significant increase in [costs] over recent years and we will continue on this path to build our military capabilities”, noted Merkel.

She also expressed the hope for restoring defense cooperation with Washington. The German Chancellor pointed to China and India and stressed that there are good reasons to remain committed to the transatlantic defence community and a common nuclear umbrella. “But, of course, Europe should bear a greater burden [of the expenses] than during the cold war,” she acknowledged.

Donald trump announced the reduction in the number of U.S. military in Germany in mid-June. The American President wondered why the United States should spend money to protect Germany from Russia, if Berlin buys Russian gas.

Later, the press Secretary of the head of the White house Keighley Makinano noted that trump is not going to use the withdrawal of U.S. troops as a “punishment” for Merkel.

At the briefing Makineni asked whether the American leader in such a way to meet the German Chancellor on her refusal to participate in the meeting of the G7, which trump wanted to organize in Washington DC at the end of June.

“He [trump] never decides on the punishment of certain world leaders, he acts according to US interests”, — said the press Secretary of the American leader. We are talking about that she found it impossible personal presence at the meeting at the White house on the background of the situation with coronavirus.

After the appearance of the information about the intention of U.S. President Poland said it was willing to Fund the presence of us troops on its territory. Warsaw has proposed to Washington to place themselves on a permanent basis armored division of the United States. The Polish side promised to assume the costs — about $1.5-2 billion. the proposal was put forward outside of NATO, bilaterally.

The Minister of defence of Germany Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer in connection with the decision of the American President recalled the Founding act of the NATO — Russia 1997. She emphasized that countries of the North Atlantic Alliance it is important to stay “physically United” and adhere to signed agreements.

In turn, the German Ambassador in the United States Emily Haber emphasized that American troops are in Germany not to protect the country, and to maintain transatlantic security and demonstrate the power of the United States in Africa, in Asia.

Washington’s decision and commented the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas. He called the German-American relationship is complicated.

According to him, it was no surprise that the decision on the withdrawal of American troops from Germany “has been agreed”.

“If you can see that this decision was not agreed wholly in the American government, it is not surprising that with us it was not agreed,” said Maas in live TV channel ZDF.


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