“No state,” Saakashvili called the problem of Ukraine

«Нет государства»: Саакашвили назвал проблему УкраиныUkrainian officials have replaced the government, said the head of the Executive Committee of reforms of Ukraine Mikhail Saakashvili. According to him, the economic situation in the country leaves much to be desired, and the bureaucracy their actions only leads to negative trends. The politician said that the officials who do not care about the citizens, having a personal grudge.

In Ukraine, the state ceased to exist as it was replaced by officials who pursue their own, not the public interest, said the head of the Ukrainian Executive Committee of the reforms of Mikhail Saakashvili.

“In Ukraine there is no state! In Ukraine there are officials who [are] with the name of a nonexistent state. Because the state is that it ensures justice to all and protects all. Where is Ukraine exists? In Ukraine there is a bunch of bureaucrats, each group of these officials have their head”, — he told on air of TV channel “Ukraine-24”.

According to the politician, these officials since birth implanted chip, which is programmed to one or another social group. “Man walks, the legs, arms, two eyes, normally speaks, and the ear chip, saying that I represent this specific group. As if people are born with it. Where is the state? State simply no”, — Saakashvili said.

Former President of Georgia considers that in Ukraine the economic situation was deteriorating, and bureaucracy makes it worse. He noted that “the situation is bad” not only because of the coronavirus.

“The economic crisis will expand, deepen, jobs are being lost. And while I’m dealing with a bureaucracy that thinks nothing bad happens. They say, it’s business as always, they will be all captured, they had everything ready and they’re in a hurry,” he cited the example of Saakashvili.

According to him, he feels a personal dislike for such officials. “Sometimes I want to shake these bureaucrats, beating”, — said the former Governor of the Odessa region.

Earlier, Saakashvili said that Ukraine has a number of advantages in front of Russia. Among them, he called ahead of the Ukrainians in the effectiveness of taxation, as well as interaction with business.

In mid-June, he warned that Ukraine could disintegrate without quick reforms by the leadership of the state. This he also said the TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“When we say that the country can disintegrate, Yes, if we do not quickly make changes, the real thing won’t do, the country can not be”, — said Saakashvili.

The politician believes that the country has increased centrifugal force. According to him, this phenomenon can be found “in the South and the East, and the far West and in the North — wherever you look”.

Earlier that the country could fall apart, said Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the faction “the Opposition platform For life,” Ilya Kiva. In his opinion, this happens by turning the country into “an asset and a colony.” Promotion of nationalist and right-wing organizations, he says, are part of this plan.

The MP said that “the process of destruction” of Ukraine is already running. “Trained a whole cohort of fighters that will be ready tomorrow to shoot people in the streets,” quoted on the official website of the party.

According to him, these “fighters” get their money via racketeering, destruction of businesses, and kidnapping. “It’s part of the plan for the final decay of society and destruction of Ukraine by turning it into an asset in the colony,” Mr. Kiva said.

In his statement he also drew attention to the fact that these groups are trying to exert pressure not only on ordinary Ukrainians, but also representatives of the legislature. So, as an example, he spoke about the recent attack on his colleague from the party “servant of the people” Sergey Levchenko. The alleged “radical thugs” attacked him on June 23.


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