Scientists have explained the risks of Smoking while coronavirus

Scientists continue the debate about how Smoking affects coronavirus infection. Opponents of tobacco have put forward new arguments in favor of the assertion that cigarettes and wapi increase the risk of serious illness COVID-19, despite the growing volume of studies showing the opposite.

Ученые объяснили риск от курения при коронавирусе

German scientists, studying the available data about the dangers of Smoking and harmful effects on vital organs of the body, found that these factors make arteries more rigid and increase the risk of developing diseases of the lungs and heart (two risk factors for coronavirus) up to seven times.

In a study at the University of Mainz compared to the damage that Smoking, vaping and hookah cause your heart and lungs.

The team of researchers believes that smokers and users of electronic cigarettes are more likely to suffer from complications in connection with COVID-19.

Scientists recognized that Smoking tobacco is more toxic to the body than the use of wapow, but warned that vaping “is a healthier alternative”.

Scientists led by cardiologists from Mainz Professor Thomas Munzele, say, referring to the who guidelines that Smoking could contribute to a greater burden of symptoms due COVID-19: “as Smoking by itself is a recognized risk factor for respiratory infections and increases the probability of having preexisting conditions such as heart disease, it may make patients with COVID-19 are more susceptible to severe symptoms, which will lead to increased mortality”.

“Accordingly,’ continued the study participants – taking into account the potential acute pulmonary and cardiovascular toxicity of electronic cigarettes, the use of these products may increase the risk of developing severe disease in patients with COVID-19”.

The weak point of the study can be found in the review published in the European Heart Journal, actually was not analyzed hospital records of patients with COVID-19.

This means that the study does not provide any concrete evidence that Smoking aggravates the disease. In fact it is only about the warning, based on reports, indicates the Daily Mail, Recalling that other studies suggest that Smoking may protect against coronavirus.

Observations have repeatedly shown that having comorbidities patients with COVID-19 is much more prone to develop life-threatening complications or even death. However, paradoxically, many studies show that compared to non-smokers are less likely to be diagnosed with Covid-19 or hospitalized.

Scientists come to the conclusion that nicotine can block the penetration of the virus into the cells, preventing in the first place, the infection. Other researchers suggest that nicotine can control the immune system, not allowing it to over-react to infection.


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