The most beautiful Jewish women and La Juive world

Jewish women in ancient times were famous for their beauty and sexuality. Thanks to the rich history of the Jewish people looks Jewish girls are very diverse — among them you will find not only bright brunettes and natural blondes. In this edition you will find the most beautiful famous Jewish women of today.

The Jews, an ancient people of Semitic origin, for two thousand years (until 1948) did not have their own state and existed solely as a network of the Jewish Diaspora worldwide. The number of Jews reached a peak (16.7 million people) before the Second world war, but during the Holocaust in Europe were destroyed 6 million Jews. Now the Jewish population is 14 million, of which 6 million live in Israel, 5.4 million in the United States. The large Jewish Diaspora also exist in France (478 thousand), Canada (380 thousand), UK (290 thousand), Russia (190 million) and other countries.

The national religion of the Jews, and the most important attribute of their identity is Judaism, therefore in many languages there is no distinction of the concepts “Jew” and “Jew”, but in Russian “Jew” denotes a nationality, and “Jew” is a religion.

Unlike most people in the world, the Jewish nationality is not determined by the father and mother. Kabbalah explains that the soul of the Jewish woman at the moment of conception “attracts” the Jewish soul. The “law of return” the state of Israel currently reads: “a Jew is one who is born of a Jewish mother and moved to another religion, and a person who converted to Judaism”.

This rating, which the most beautiful, in our opinion, famous Jewish women, compiled on the basis of understanding of Judaism, which is quoted above. I.e. the rating does not included a Jewish father who does not convert to Judaism (for example, Irina Slutskaya), but included a Jewish mother and also called La Juive (the only one woman in the list, being a Jew, has Jewish blood).

47th place: Maya Mikhailovna Plisetskaya is a Soviet and Russian ballet dancer, choreographer, choreographer, teacher, writer, and actress, people’s artist of the USSR. Born November 20, 1925 in Moscow in a Jewish family: father — a famous economic leader Mikhail Emmanuilovich Plisetsky, mother, silent film actress Rachel M. Messerer.

46th place: Tamara (Tamriko) Gverdtsiteli M. (b. 18 Jan 1962, Tbilisi) — Soviet, Georgian and Russian singer, actress, composer, people’s artist of the Georgian SSR, people’s artist of Russia. The father of an ancient Georgian noble family Gverdtsiteli. Mother, the granddaughter of the Rabbi of Odessa.

Interview with Tamara Gverdtsiteli:

“My father is Georgian, I was born and a big part of his life in Georgia, of course, its culture has had an enormous impact on my life and creativity. But I gave birth to and raised Jewish mother, and over the years I feel more and more their Jewish genes.”

“In 1988 I first came to Israel and realized that I just have to sing in Hebrew. Even for myself, even if I hear only 20 people. It is the cry of my soul is the call of the blood. < …> When I sang in Hebrew, it’s like I heard a voice from the depth of centuries. Indeed it is the assertion that the people involved in Hebrew, teaches, and remembers it. This is especially felt in the song. Through song came to me these words and I felt them and felt. Hebrew is a very strong language. Such energy, such vowel sounds that there is a feeling that you fill the empty world with sounds and music… I try to go to Jerusalem every year. Whenever I go there, I will go to your tree. It’s part of my soul. For me, it marks the feast of the triumph of life. No wonder the tradition to plant trees rooted in the Bible times, planting a tree, you feel like a complete person. I come in and experience the feeling of competence that I did everything as it should be. Of Jerusalem I find it hard to put into words. I have a song on verses of Andrei Dementyev, a completely Orthodox person, but loving Israel and the singing of Jerusalem. Jewish capital is a part of space that is given to us. Go to Israel, go to Jerusalem and feel yourself as a cosmic being… a Jewish woman is my mother. For me she’s the most beautiful thing on earth. A Jewish woman is a phenomenal mother, a fantastic hostess, friend and protector of their children. For me it is hard to describe a Jewish woman’s words to music.”

45th place: Oksana Olegovna Fandera (b. November 7, 1967, Odessa) — Russian actress. Her father Oleg Fandera — actor, half-Ukrainian, half-Gypsy mother. Interview with the actress:

— Oksana, you are mixed blood of the three: Ukrainian, Gypsy and Jewish. How do they manifest?

In fact, I guess what I’m making as a Ukrainian, I love freedom like a Gypsy, and the world the grief you feel as a Jew.

Who you feeling the most?

— Now can equally feel the other third.

44th place: Tatiana Samoilova (may 4, 1934, Saint Petersburg — may 4, 2014) — Soviet and Russian actress best known for her role as Veronika in “the cranes are Flying” (1957). Interview with Tatiana Samoilova: “We are mongrels with his brother. Mom is full — blooded Jew, and her father was full-blooded Russian”. Also, the actress said that from a Jewish mother she inherited slightly slanted eyes.

43rd place: Emmanuelle Chriqui / Emmanuelle Chriqui is a canadian actress. In films and television series. Emmanuelle was born December 10, 1977 in Montreal (Canada) in the family of Moroccan Jews, was brought up in the traditions of Orthodox Judaism in the Sephardic tradition. Was recognized as the most desirable woman of 2010 according to the portal

42nd place: Goldie hawn / Goldie Hawn is an American actress, producer, Director. Born November 21, 1945 in Washington. Her mother, who raised a daughter in the traditions of Judaism.

41st place: Barbara Walters / Barbara Walters — one of the most famous American TV presenter who has worked in television from 1961 to 2014. Born on September 25 1929 in Boston in a Jewish family, whose ancestors lived in the Russian Empire.

40th place: Milena kunis better known as Mila kunis / Mila Kunis, is an American actress. She was born August 14, 1983 in Chernivtsi (Ukraine) to a Jewish family. In 1991, the family emigrated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles. One of the most important roles of the actress in the movie role of a ballerina Lily in “Black Swan” (2010), where she played in a pair with other famous Jewish — Natalie Portman. The movie was directed by Darren Aronofsky, who is also a Jew by nationality.

39th place: Alexander Cohen (born. 26 October 1984, Westwood, USA), better known as Sasha Cohen / Sasha Cohen, American figure skater-the singles silver medalist of the Olympic games 2006 and two-time silver medalist of world Championships (2004, 2005). She finished Amateur career in 2006. Father Sasha Cohen is an American Jew, and his mother is a Ukrainian Jew.

38th place: Kseniya Aleksandrovna Rappoport (born. 25 Mar 1974, St. Petersburg) — Russian theater and film actress, honored artist of Russia. From an interview with Ksenia Rappoport: “I feel like a Jew and never hid it. Moreover, when early in my career was the question of whether to use a pseudonym, I deliberately did not because I wanted to wear the name of his father”.

37th place: Candace Isralow, better known as candice night / Candice Night is an American singer, vocalist and songwriter for the folk-rock band Blackmore’s Night, wife of the famous English rock musician Ritchie Blackmore. Born on 8 may 1971 in new York city in a family of descendants of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. Is a follower of Judaism.

36th place: Lynn Zukerman / Lynn Zukerman — Israeli model, participant of the contest “Miss Israel 2013”.

35th place: Banarsi tal / Tal Benyerzi, known simply under the name tal / Tal is a French pop and R&B singer. Born in Israel in 12 December 1989, in a Jewish family (his father — a Moroccan Jew, his mother is a Yemeni Jew). When tal (her name translates from Hebrew as “morning dew”) is not a year old, the family moved to France.

34th place: Tahuya rubel / Rubel Tahounia — Israeli model, winner of the Israeli version of the show “Big brother.” She was born February 20, 1988 in Ethiopia, at the age of three years she and her family are among 14 325 thousand Ethiopian Jews were evacuated to Israel as part of “operation Solomon”.

33rd place: Lizzie (Elizabeth) Caplan / Lizzy Caplan is an American actress, starred in films and television series. Among her recent works we can note the role of the famous American sexologist Virginia Johnson in the TV series “Masters of sex”. She was born June 30 1982 in Los Angeles into a Jewish family, practicing reform Judaism.

32nd place: Bella Chagall (real name — Basia-Reiza Smolova Rosenfeld) — the first wife of the artist Marc Chagall. Bella was born 15 December (new style) 1889, (often the year of her birth erroneously States 1895) in Vitebsk (Belarus) in a Jewish family (Marc Chagall, too, from a Jewish family). Died in new York on 2 September 1944.

31st place: Gal gadot / Gal Gadot — Israeli actress and model, “Miss Israel — 2004”. Born 30 April 1985 in Rosh ha’ayin (Israel). Her parents — Sabra i.e. Jews born in Israel. In 2016 released film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, where Gadot played the comic book heroine Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman).

30 th place: coral Simanovich / Coral Simanovich — Israeli model. Her page in instagram.

29th place: Bar Hefer / Bar Hefer (born. 1995, Petah Tikva, Israel) — Israeli model, the First Vice-miss Israel 2013.

28th place: Yityish Aynaw is an Israeli model, “Miss Israel 2013”. She was born in Ethiopia. Belongs to Ethiopian Jews. Moved at 12 years of age in Israel, where he became the first dark-skinned girl who won the title of “Miss Israel”.

27th place: Amanda Peet / Amanda Peet (b. January 11, 1972, new York, USA) is an American actress. Her mother penny levy — Jewish. Amanda Peet is married to American screenwriter and producer, of Jewish origin by David Benioff, who is the Creator of the famous series “Game of thrones”.

26th place: Yanina (Yana) Farhadova Batyrshina (after marriage took the name Weinstein) — Russian athlete, five-time European champion and seven-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Born on October 7, 1979 in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). Yana’s father — Tatar, mother — a Jew. Ian is married to famous producer Timur Weinstein, is Jewish. The couple have two daughters — Miriam and Ayla.

25th place: Gwyneth Paltrow / Gwyneth Paltrow — American actress. She was born September 27, 1972 in Los Angeles. Her father is a Jew, a descendant of the well-known rabbinic family, Pastrovich. The mother is German. Gwyneth Paltrow considers herself a Jew and raising children (a son Moses and daughter Apple, i.e. “Apple”) in the traditions of Judaism, despite the fact that her ex-husband and the father of her children, a musician of the band Coldplay Chris Martin is Christian.

24th place: Alison brie Schermerhorn / Alison Brie Schermerhorn better known as Alison brie, is an American actress. She was born December 29, 1982 in Hollywood. Allison’s dad has Dutch roots as well as Scottish and German. Mother — a Jew. His acting career Alison brie started at the Jewish community center in southern California. In 2014 took second place (after Emilia Clarke) in the ranking of most desirable women according to Askmen portal.

23rd place: Jennifer Connelly / Jennifer Connelly (b. 12 Dec 1970, new York, USA) is an American actress. Her father is a Catholic with Irish and Norwegian roots, her mother is Jewish (her ancestors — immigrants from Poland and Russia), trained at the yeshiva — a Jewish institution, designed to study the Oral Law, primarily the Talmud.

22nd place: Alicia Silverstone / Alicia Silverstone (born. 4 October 1976, San Francisco, USA) is an American actress. Her father is an English Jew, his mother is Scottish, took before the wedding to Judaism.

21st place: Anouk aimé / Aimée Anouk (real name Judith françoise Sorya Dreyfus) is a French actress. She was born in Paris on April 27, 1932. Her parents practiced Judaism, but his mother was raised Catholic and converted as an adult. Most famous role Anouk aimée is Anne Gauthier in the movie “Man and woman” (1966) directed by Claude Lelouch, a Jew by nationality.

20 th place: Ali (Alice) McGraw / Ali MacGraw is an American actress. She was born April 1, 1939 in new York. My father was Scottish and Hungarian roots, and his mother was Jewish (his nationality was she hiding from her husband). One of the most famous role-Ali McGraw — Jewish girl Brand Patinkin in the movie “goodbye, Columbus” (1969) on the life of American Jews.

19th place: Melanie Laurent / Mélanie Laurent is a French actress, Director, singer. Born on 21 February 1983 in Paris to a Jewish family.

18th place: Petrak Esther / Esther Petrack — American model. She was born 31 Mar 1992 in Jerusalem. Is a follower of Orthodox modernism in Judaism.

17-th place: Sarah Michelle Gellar / Sarah Michelle Gellar (b. April 14, 1977) is an American actress. Sarah’s parents — the Jews, however they did not adhere to the traditions of Judaism and even dressed up a Christmas tree. Sarah herself is not a follower of any religion.

16th place: Margarita Vladimirovna levieva is an American actress, former professional gymnast. Born February 9, 1980 in St. Petersburg into a Jewish family. In 1991, she and her family moved to new York.

15th place: Scarlett Johansson / Scarlett Johansson (born. On 22 November 1984, new York) is an American actress and singer. Her father is of Danish origin, and his mother is Jewish of Ashkenazi (sub-ethnic group of Jews that emerged in Central Europe), her ancestors migrated to the US from Minsk. Scarlett considers herself Jewish, notes Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, but admits that her family always celebrated Christmas, because of her love for the traditions of this holiday.

14th place: Lauren Bacall / Lauren Bacall (16 September 1924, new York-August 12, 2014) is an American actress, recognized by the American film Institute one of the greatest Actresses in Hollywood history. The parents of Lauren Bacall — the Jews, she is a cousin to former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

13th place: Moran Atias / Moran Atias is an Israeli actress and model. She was born April 9, 1981 in Haifa (Israel) in the family of Moroccan Jews. The Moran has a younger sister Shani, who is also in this ranking.

12th place: Suzanne Hoffs / Susanna Hoffs — singer and guitarist of American band The Bangles (“Bangs”). Born January 17, 1959 in Los Angeles in a Jewish family.

Those who name The Bangles nothing says, offer to listen to their hit Eternal Flame.

11th place: alias Shani / Shani Atias is an Israeli actress and model, younger sister Moran Atias. Born on 21 Aug 1991 in Haifa (Israel) in the family of Moroccan Jews.

10th place: Lisa Bonet / Lisa Bonet is an American actress. She was born November 16, 1967 in San Francisco. Her father is African American, mother Jewish. Her first husband, Lisa Bonet was an American singer lenny Kravitz, whose lineage is exactly the opposite: father — Jewish, mother is African-American.

Lisa Bonet recalls about her meeting with Crevices: “it Was interesting when we first discovered that our roots are so similar. When I first told him my mother was Jewish, he replied: “Like my father”. I felt that here is someone who really understands how to do it”.

9th place: Hedy Lamarr / Hedy Lamarr (real name — Hedwig Eva Maria kiesler) was an Austrian and American actress. She was born November 9, 1914 in Vienna to a Jewish family. Actress (then under real name keesler) became famous in 1933, she appeared in the Czechoslovak-Austrian film “Ecstasy”, which was the first pornograficheskie film, which contained a long Nude scene and sexual intercourse and female orgasm. The actress died 19 Jan 2000 in the United States.

8th place: Elina Bystritskaya is an outstanding Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the USSR. In 1999, a poll of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Elina Bystritskaya was recognized as “the most beautiful woman of the past century”. Was born April 4, 1928 in Kiev to a Jewish family.

7th place: Natalie Portman / Natalie Portman (real surname hershlag, by the way) is an American actress. Born in Jerusalem on June 9, 1981 to a Jewish family. Natalie’s dual citizenship: American and Israeli. She is married to dancer Benjamin Millepied (they met filming Black Swan), a Jew by nationality. Their wedding took place in the traditions of Judaism.

6th place: Marilyn Monroe / Marilyn Monroe (1 June 1926, Los Angeles — August 5, 1962) is an American actress and singer. Birth name — Norma Jeane Mortenson. Father unknown, my mother had Irish and Scottish roots. Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism July 1, 1956. The reason for the adoption iudeyskoy religion became her third marriage to writer Arthur Miller, a Jew by nationality. After the divorce, until his death, Monroe has not abandoned Judaism, although, according to contemporaries, did not attend the synagogue, because they believed that then their religious life will turn into a public spectacle. Brother Arthur Miller believed that the adoption Monroe Judaism was superficial. With regard to relations Monroe to Christianity, it was rather negative, because one time her guardians were Protestant fundamentalists.

5th place: Elizabeth Taylor / Elizabeth Taylor is a British — American actress. Born on 27 February 1932 in London. Her parents were Americans who worked in England. My father had Jewish roots, his mother Swiss. Elizabeth Taylor was brought up in the spirit of Christianity, but in 1959, at age 27, converted to Judaism, received the Hebrew name Elisheva Rachel. The actress said that adopted the Jewish religion, because Christianity was not able to resolve her questions about life and death. A significant role was played by the fact that her third husband (he died in 1958) was a Jew.

4th place: Sarah L. Manahimova, better known under the stage name Jasmine, is a Russian singer. She was born October 12, 1977 in Derbent in the family of the mountain Jews (sub-ethnic group of Jews of Northern and Eastern Caucasus).

3rd place: Lilli Palmer / Lilli Palmer (real name Maria Lilli Peiser) is a German actress. Born in poznań (now in Poland) on may 24, 1914 to a Jewish family. Lily Palmer starred in the British, American, German films. Died 27 Jan 1986 in Los Angeles. (Scene from the movie “Body and soul”, 1947)

2nd place: Eva green / Eva Green is a French actress. Born in Paris on 5 July 1980. The mother of Eva — Marlene Jobert, a famous French actress who was born in Algeria to a Jewish family. Eve’s father — Walter green a Swedish father and French mother. Correctly the name eve is pronounced as Gran and means “grain”, “tree (branch)” in Swedish. Eva green considers himself a Jew, despite the fact that were not brought up in the traditions of Judaism.

British actress Rachel Weisz / Rachel Weisz. Born in London on 7 March 1970. Rachel’s dad, the inventor George Weiss (a Jew) was a native of Hungary, and his mother Rachel, a psychotherapist Edith Ruth, born in Vienna. Edith Ruth was a full-blooded Jew, as had also the Italian and Austrian roots and was brought up Catholic, but then converted to Judaism.

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