“Beat Obama”: why Russia expelled from the G8

«Обыграла Обаму»: почему Россию исключили из G8American President Donald trump explained why the United States at the time insisted on the termination of membership of Russia in G8. According to the head of the United States, it happened because Moscow “has beaten” his predecessor Barack Obama and the then Vice-President Joe Biden in foreign policy.

USA at the time insisted on the withdrawal of Russia from the Group of eight (G8), as Moscow had an actual advantage on foreign policy to Washington, wrote to the current head of the White House Donald trump on his Twitter page. So the American leader said his opponent in the presidential race the former Vice-President Joseph Biden, who calls not to invite Russia to join the G7.

“It’s funny to see the corrupt Joe Biden, read out a statement on Russia, which is obviously was written by his assistants. Russia completely outplayed him and [former US President Barack] Obama when they were in power

so badly defeated that Obama wanted to do so, that they were not in the G8, which at the time was called. The US was weak in everything, but especially against Russia,” — said trump.

Earlier, Biden said that Trump should not be restored to the G8 and to invite Russia to join the present format of negotiations of the group of seven. According to the politician, the President must follow his call, if the message of the newspaper the New York Times that the Russian military intelligence allegedly sponsored the radical movement “Taliban” (an organization banned in Russia)* to attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan, true. His statement he made on the television network NBC.

In the Friday edition of released material, which sources from the us intelligence claimed that “several months ago” these data on the interaction of Russia and the militants were handed over to Trump. The us President himself stated that neither he nor Vice President Michael Pence wasn’t informed about such attacks.

Trump called the publication “another surge” and wondered about who could provide such information to the newspaper. Trump said that the publication “is obliged to reveal their “anonymous” source”. But at the same time suggested that journalists will not be able to do so because “this “person” probably does not exist.”

The Russian foreign Ministry and the Russian Embassy in Washington said that the published data are fake. The Embassy called on the us authorities to appropriate responses in connection with the received threats to Russian diplomats after the publication of the material.

Forbidden in Russia of the movement “Taliban”* also noted that has nothing to do with Moscow, and that determines “the purposes” and follows them. The official representative of the terrorist group suggested that this material was published with the aim to disrupt the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, which suggests a peace agreement between the Taliban and the United States.

It should be noted that Democrats last year opposed to the G7 format expanded at the expense of Russia’s accession. Member of Congress Kathy hill suggested not to allocate money from the budget of the country.

The politician stressed that none of the officials including the us President may not use their position to maintain the entry of Russia into the Group of seven as long as Moscow does not fulfill a number of conditions.

In particular, hill believes that the Russian side should stop “interfering” in the American elections, “occupy” the Crimea. In addition, according to the Congressman, Russia must fulfill the obligations under the Minsk agreements.

This year against the entry of Russia into the format of negotiations made in the EU. EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell said that the United States, which is chairing the G7, you can invite someone to the summit, but do not have the right to change the format.

“I would like to stress that the presidency of the G7 gives certain prerogatives… Among these prerogatives — the possibility of sending invitations that reflect the priorities. As for the format, then change the status of membership on an ongoing basis is not the prerogative of the Chairman of G7”, he said.

Russia withdrew from the group of seven in 2014 after the club members had a meeting without participation of Moscow for the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.


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