Scientists have predicted the Earth the repetition of the global cataclysm that occurred 466 million years ago

Hot days, established in the Moscow region in recent times, increasingly remind us of the inevitability of global warming. And that it may end with the extinction of everything on Earth.

But it seems that many millions of years ago, our planet held such a historical stage. Which suggested to scientists the way out of the situation.

Ученые предрекли Земле повторение глобального катаклизма, случившегося 466 млн лет назад

To protect themselves from global warming, scientists suggest, based on the dramatic events that happened to our planet, neither more nor less, as many as 466 million years ago. This is reported in open scientific sources.

Then, due to the Ordovician extinction, from sunlight lost about 85% of the species.

And this, according to researchers, a relatively successful final ecological disaster. As she proceeded slowly, over millions of years some animals and plants have managed to adapt to changes, and thus survived.

Well, by studying ancient rocks of the ancient times, scientists have detected extraterrestrial helium, which is different from the earthly one neutron.

This suggests that 466 million years ago between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter has faced two major space asteroid, which caused the release of huge quantities of cosmic dust.

Reaching the Ground, she “hovered” over our planet, significantly weakening the action of the sun’s energy. And gradually lowered the temperature by about 10 degrees.

This has prompted researchers the option of combating future global warming. To place in earth orbit a few analogues of asteroids with a thorough inventory of dust, and periodically to release the contents of these “mouserobot”.

As 466 million years ago, the polluted atmosphere will block incoming to the Earth sunlight and, consequently, to reduce the degree of intensity.

If any scientific theory needs a test and preferably empirically, such a method is already proven – even hundreds of millions of years ago.

– In principle, it is implemented in practice, the idea – says the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences Alexey Karnaukhov.- If you build a sufficient number of reusable “asteroids”, which will periodically take out to the orbit of the dust.

Although it is very expensive. Dust distributed on the orbit, and will prevent the artificial satellites and other space objects. Because the speed is garbage “dirt”, for example, sand will be about 10 km per second, he, like sandpaper, wipe all metal construction.

Besides, space is a relative concept. For example, at an altitude of 200 kilometers, and this is space, the dust will not rotate around the earth’s orbit to infinity, and will gradually settle to the Ground. So, have again and again run “the caravans of missiles.”

– We can conclude that this idea is today hardly feasible. What should I do? Global warming is coming!

– There are different offers. For example, in “Lagrange point”, on a direct line between the earth and the Sun, would be more efficient to create a space parasol made of a very thin foil with a diameter of about 1000 km. He would have revolved around our heavenly body with the same angular velocity as the Earth. And constantly cast a shadow, thereby weakening the beam.

Today’s technology allow it?

– Yes, although they are also quite expensive. To reduce the cost, the umbrella is better to build and launch from the moon. But it is necessary to have a base there. The moon gravity is 6 times less than on Earth, besides, there is no atmosphere that the spacecraft needs to overcome. Starts with it is much more economical.


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