Black currant: spring procedures for her health

Черная смородина: весенние процедуры для ее здоровья

Black currant is very useful and tasty plant, easy to care for and harvest. Despite the simplicity it also requires the most time to spend in the spring. The entire set of procedures comes to pruning plants, its feeding, prevention and treatment of pests and specific diseases.

Pruning currant

Before the circumcision as soon as the snow melts it is necessary to clear the bushes from covering material. If this is not done, the plant roots will begin to rot, which can cause damage by fungi and other pests. Definitely need to clean the ground under the bushes, podrujit the ground.

Черная смородина: весенние процедуры для ее здоровья

The significance of great trimming so the plant is exempt from the presence of old non-bearing branches that absorb nutrients and get rid of afflicted parts of the plant.
Trim is necessary before the buds swell, so currants better tolerate the stress. Select unwanted shoots is quite simple, it is detected during the inspection:

  • old stems have a dark brown color, fairly thick;
  • dry, broken and frozen branches are also subject to removal;
  • be sure to destroy the sick and thin branches;
  • for the formation of the correct form, you need to get rid of crooked branches.

So Bush was not very dense and more compact, you need to trim from the annual shoots of 10-15 cm, and the side shoots cut about fifteen cm

Before Bud can determine the defeat of the Bush Bud mites. If the kidney is round, not oblong in shape (as in healthy). They need to be removed urgently, their pinching off or removing the affected branches before Bud break.
If cutting the spotted branches, which have the middle filled with dust, this damage means damage by larvae of the nodular buprestids. And the green core indicates the presence of larvae of the currant steklenica. If there are many branches of the plant should be destroyed if they are in single digits – they just bulldozed to the ground. Then you need to treat the whole hive against labeled pests.

All cut material should be burned, with the exception of healthy shoots. You can use them for breeding.


From April to the time of Bud break is recommended root feeding. For that 30 grams of ammonium nitrate is diluted with water (1 to 4). This solution is enough for 1 square meter. The same proportion can be diluted with 40-50 grams of ammonium sulfate. In the village fertilizing can handle slurry.

Черная смородина: весенние процедуры для ее здоровья

Next should be top-dressing. It is held in the flowering period. You can use solutions of potassium sulfate, superphosphate, sulphate of manganese and boric acid.
For the first year of life of a currant Bush, it is sufficient to fertilize the planting hole and regularly watered.

Prevention from pests and diseases

If there are no signs of the disease, it is recommended to carry out preventive spraying. It is done, when the buds have not opened. Use the following solutions:

  • a three percent solution of copper sulfate;
  • a five percent solution of ferrous sulfate;
  • the wood ash solution (100 g of ash, filled with 1 liter of water, infuse three days, filter, and add the solution to three liters);
  • “Fitoverm”, “Bitoksibatsillin”;
  • folk recipes: infusion of garlic and onion skins, tobacco, and soap and water.

Черная смородина: весенние процедуры для ее здоровья

But pouring bushes of currants with boiling water should be carried out when the buds are still “asleep”. This procedure was effectively need to link the Bush and spill it, while the boiled water is still warm. Only in this case it will have the effect that gardeners expect.
The simplest treatments can increase the yield and improve palatability and become a good hobby for novice growers.


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