Dad with her daughter found on the beach of the giant jellyfish

Папа с дочкой нашли на пляже гигантскую медузу

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The British don Fox has discovered a huge Laney, which the waves washed up on the shore of one of the local beaches.

As reported by Daily Mail, 42-year-old don Fox and his daughter Erin were walking along the beach on Colwyn Bay beach in North Wales. Suddenly their attention was attracted by a strange misshapen object of impressive dimensions, which the waves tossed right on the sand. Upon closer acquaintance, it became clear that this is a huge hairy cyanea (C. Capillata) — jellyfish, which are found in abundance in Northern waters.

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Diameter being approximately two meters, which is a lot even for this species. Trying not to let the daughter too close to the jellyfish because of the danger of a burn, don Arino photographed on the background of lanei.

The people of the hairy cyanea received the nickname “lion’s mane” because of the characteristic color long, hair-like tentacles. In 1865 off the coast of Massachusetts anglers managed to catch instance, the diameter of the mantle which amounted to 2.3 meters in length of tentacles in a stunning 36.6 meters! In the summer they can often be found in the coastal waters of the UK, however, jellyfish are of such impressive size are found in the wild is extremely rare. Many commentators wrote under the picture of don that I will never go swimming in the summer at the local coast — so much frightened them “the demon spawn”, as affectionately dubbed Laney.

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