So pickled cucumbers you’re definitely not prepared: the recipe, which Abkhazians had for years

Так малосольные огурцы ты точно не готовил: рецепт, которым абхазы пользуются уже много лет

Так малосольные огурцы ты точно не готовил: рецепт, которым абхазы пользуются уже много лет

Recipes pass from hand to hand, from family to family, from country to country every day. With each new recipe is harder to determine where we come to a particular set of products and that it added the previous chef, professional or home-grown.

Pickled cucumbers have always treated native Russian snacks. I was surprised to see the Abkhaz version of salting. After cooking, my surprise was increased a hundred times: what is good for the Abkhaz, who added such amazing components and invented the technology of cooking!

Ingredients for the jars with a capacity of 2 liters, since 1 kilo of cucumbers will not fit in the 1.5 liter.


Cucumbers — 1 kg

Salt — 2 tbsp

Water — 1 l

Garlic — 4 tooth.

Bay leaf — 2 PCs.

Parsley root — 1 PC.

Chili pepper — 1 PC.

Basil — 1 chips.

Dill — 1 chips.

Savory — 1 chips.

Coriander — 1 chips.

Celery — 2 PCs

Leek — 2 PCs.

Cherry leaves — 2 PCs.

Currant leaves — 2 pieces

Beets — 1 PC.

Nettle leaves — 2 PCs.


  • Always have to start with cooking the filling. Bring to a boil the water and add to the pan parsley and Bay leaf. Cover the brine with a lid and boil for 15 minutes. Turn off and let it cool down. If you don’t use the parsley root, cook nothing. You just place the Bay leaf into the jar and cover the cucumbers with water at room temperature.
  • Wash the cucumbers and place them in a bowl, chosen for the Ambassador. Usually, this is done using a clay pot or glass jar, at least — an enamel pan.
  • Prepare the spices and beets. The original recipe of spices, salt and garlic rubbed on the stone for spices. You can use the mortar. If not, grate the garlic on a very fine grater and mix with spices. Slice the beets and celery slices or very small. Experienced cooks just put sprigs of celery.
  • Put a paste of spices, as well as beets, celery, Cayenne pepper, nettle leaves, cherries and garlic to the cucumbers. Pour all the filling that remained, and cover. For pickling cucumbers should be left for 1 day at room temperature.
  • Cucumbers turn out very crispy. In Abkhazia they are served with potato and meat dishes and added to salads. Be sure to try this new recipe and share it with your friends if you love pickled cucumbers, but would like to make minor changes to the usual recipe. Nice christenia!

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