The artistic Director of the theater, spoke about the audience: “Let’s stop these stars are called stars”

Eduard Boyakov, the artistic Director of the Moscow art theater, called “put in place” people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov. In his words, the actor sooner or later, but something similar would still be made, and therefore should be strictly punished.

In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre has expressed his opinion on the deadly crash involving Mikhail Efremov. He advocates severe punishment for the artist, informs LigaNews.

In his words, people’s artist of Russia his whole life was spent in impunity and without fear to the country’s current legislation. While Boyakov said that in the current situation to blame not only the stars themselves but also the media and even the public that elevates them to the heavens. And already a “star” after this feel entirely unpunished.

That the public through their fingers always looked up to such antics of stars and leads to similar situations, I’m sure the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. The public’s fault that “developed the mold”, supporting artists who sometimes do not possess the intelligence and spiritual authority.

Impossible stars so take and put “on a pedestal” and this tendency must now confront in the future to avoid similar fatal accidents involving Ephraim.

8 June at 21:45 Ephraim car drove into the oncoming lane. The result is a head-on collision killed the driver of the van. National artist of Russia, faces up to 12 years of imprisonment.


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