Ritual pedophilia: the confession of a man-hyena of Malawi

In most southern regions of the African country of Malawi, the life of people has not changed much since the stone age. Not everywhere in rural areas have electricity, no schools and roads, and the main law is the word of tribal elders. In these protected conditions remained very strange and even wild for a civilized man profession, which in local language called “hyena”.

According to the ancient Malawi tradition, pubescent girl should lose your virginity to a particular specialist services which need to pay. Despite the unfortunate title, “hyena” is quite popular in southern Malawi profession, whose representatives in the African country, fortunately, a little bit.

BBC journalists found such a person and learned from him the details of his craft, the existence of which for many seems to be shocking. Eric Bay — the most popular a hyena in his village located in the province of Nsanje. The man met with reporters outside his spacious two-bedroom hut, which by local standards is a great luxury.

On the question of the age Eric Bay flirtatious jokes, but he is about 40

Eric is very lame from birth, so conventional farmers work to him to perform hard. But the “ritual purification” and so in the villages of the South of the country called the defloration of a minor, to perform it can without problems. Elders often refer to the Bay, and often receive invitations from neighboring villages.

Eric is flattered by the attention of the press, and he is willing to share the nuances of his profession. As it turned out, the business of “hyenas” a great deal. Except for sex with children the duties of men also includes cleansing sexual acts with women whose husbands have died. Sleeping with the widow of Eric to the funeral of her husband, often during the ritual the body of the deceased is in the same room.

With regard to copulation with a minor, the ceremony connected with the initiation of girls into women and it is performed after the first menstruation. Event furnish solemnly, and the money to pay for men, poor Malawians collect more than one month. Often the ritual is carried out with several children in those days, “hyenas” have a very good earnings.

Eric demonstrates the root, which is rubbed on a grater and brews before. This drug helps him to always be in shape

On the question of whether to refuse to participate in the barbaric ritual, the Bay meets that happens in their province is very rare. The girl that does not pass the initiation, bring upon himself and his family a lot of diseases and troubles, so the failures almost never occur.

Man-“hyena” also revealed that he often has to deal with 12-13 year old girls, although he prefers to deal with older clients. Eric Bay says with pride that his young sex partner’s are proud to have passed the rite and are very grateful to him for “cleansing”.

Left to right: Eric Bay, one of his wives Fanny’s youngest daughter, sister Fanny, and their friend, by the way, the former client of Eric

However, after conducting a survey among girls and women from neighboring villages, BBC journalists found that all who had to deal with a hyena, no pleasant memories have not, and the thought about this rite causes them disgust.

“There’s nothing I could do about it. I had to do this for my parents. If I refused, my family would attack illness and even death. I was scared”.

So says the girl named Maria. All her friends have also dealt with the “hyena,” and none can remember it without a shudder.

Girls from the Central provinces — they have a happy childhood, because familiarity with the “hyenas” they are not threatened

By the way, Eric Bay married at two women, and both know very well what makes a living husband. To the question about how many girls and women he slept Bay proudly says that their is 104. But a few years ago, talking with local journalists, he also mentioned this figure, therefore, probably, just, the man does not maintain and has long been confused.

An educated woman — a rarity in Malawi. It also contributes to the conservation of wild customs

During the performance of their duties “hyenas” do not use condoms, so the ceremony is often accompanied by infection with venereal disease. Sometimes this relationship ends pregnancy and child birth. Eric said that he knows about 5 of their children, although they probably more.

Bay sufficiently educated for a villager had heard about HIV. On a tricky question about HIV status, the man evasively replied that “hyena” are just people with high moral character, honest and healthy, and trying to change the subject.

In a country with a population of 18.6 million people, more than 1.5 million people living with HIV. This is only the official data, far from the real picture

To the question “in a forehead”, whether he is a carrier of the deadly virus, Eric reluctantly replies in the affirmative. It then turns out that he never said no to the parents of the girls or women about their positive HIV status. It is obvious that “hyenas” are making a significant contribution to the spread of AIDS. According to the information available to the red cross in Malawi is infected every 10.

Natasha Annie of Tortola — social activist and fighter against the “hyenas”. A woman in 13 years was “cleansing”

“Hyenas” in the community, which includes several compact villages, about 10. They are not sitting idle and by local standards a good living. For the service they are paid from 4 to 7 dollars for the southern provinces of Malawi a lot of money.

Theresa Cachinnate head of one of the areas of Malawi. The woman vowed that he would dedicate the fight against the “hyenas” all my life

The inhabitants of Malawi to the profession “hyenas” were tolerated, although in the Central and Northern areas this practice has become outdated. The humanitarian mission, the Church and lately the authorities, trying to fight the custom, but yet only achieve local success in the village. I am glad that gradually the people themselves are beginning to refuse the services of “hyenas”, and it is hoped that soon these “experts” will be in demand.

The Arrest Of Eric Bay

Finally it is worth to add that a few days after the BBC published an article about Eric Bay, in the village of the protagonist is visited by the police and arrested “hyena”. Man charged with numerous counts of child sexual abuse, as well as in conscious spread of HIV infection.

The President of Malawi Peter Mutharika is actively fighting against darkness and prejudice

As reported by the Associated Press, business Bay is under the personal supervision of President Peter Mutharika. The politician stated he will not allow his country prospered sexual crimes against minors under the guise of ancient traditions. This event indicates that the profession Erica of the honorable, pleasant and money finally moved into the category of dangerous and illegal, and it is very pleasing.

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