Mustard powder in the country – 7 applications

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

Mustard can wash dishes, remove grease stains and unpleasant odors, to be treated with a cold… And it can be applied at suburban station, and at various garden beds. With proper use mustard powder will replace a dozen products.

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

Particularly valuable is that not only cope with pests, but completely safe for humans, animals, birds, beneficial insects, and planting themselves. In contrast to industrial insecticides, mustard does not accumulate in the soil and plant tissues, and it costs much less.

Mustard from the Colorado potato beetle

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

Most often, the infusion is mustard in the country used to fight the Colorado potato beetle. To prepare this remedy is quite simple, and you need to use it 1 time per week or more often if rain or heavy dew.

The mixture was kept on the longer leaves, 10 l of a solution you need to add 50 g of grated on a coarse grater soap.

To prepare a solution of mustard powder from Colorado beetles is not difficult, though you will need time. In the bucket of hot water dissolve 200 g of mustard and allow 2-3 hours to infuse. Then strain the infusion through several layers of cheesecloth, and add 5 tbsp. of 9%-nogo of vinegar. Spray the bushes regularly and you will notice that a colony of beetles has declined sharply.

Mustard from slugs and snails

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

In the summer, especially in rainy weather, the strawberry, the hosts of greenery can be detected by the present dominance of slugs and snails. They eat the foliage and blossoms, and fruits, not disdaining almost any culture. To get rid of them is not so easy, but not to allow landings really.

For this you need to opurity mustard powder aisle or the upper layer of the mulch material. Mustard will burn the tender bellies of the slugs and they will prefer to go back home. But remember that on the wet ground mustard quickly loses its effectiveness, so repeat treatment is necessary every couple of days.

Mustard from the butterflies on the cabbage

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

Butterflies-butterflies and cabbage moths begin to encroach on the iceberg culture almost immediately after transplanting into the ground. If you don’t want to lose their harvest, give the cabbage a couple of weeks for rooting and proceed to the defense.

Pour 10 liters of water 1 Cup of mustard powder and 1 Cup of tobacco dust, stir, cover and leave for three days. Then strain the mixture and begin to pour her own landing and the aisle. Repeat treatment every 10 days until the end of the season.

Mustard from the onion fly

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

Years onion fly in warm weather may coincide with the planting of onion sets. Not to ruin a planting in the beginning, you need to prepare the soil, sprinkling in rows a mixture of wood ash and mustard powder in a ratio of 3:1. After the feathers on the bow will grow 5 cm, sprinkling the aisles need to be repeated, not sparing the mixture, and then paraglide.

To make this natural insecticide in the soil is three, with an interval of 12-14 days.

Mustard from carrot flies

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

The same mix made in a similar way, will be protected from carrot fly. However, years of this pest lasts the entire season (may-August), so be limited to three treatments is not necessary.

Remember that carrot flies suffer some crops such as parsnips, parsley, celery and other umbelliferous, and, therefore, they should also be treated.

Mustard in the garden

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

From a small number of aphids, moth, mites, sawflies, and sucker can prevent timely processing of shrubs and trees with a solution of mustard powder. Must be diluted in a bucket of water 100 g powder, infuse two hours in a warm place, strain and dilute half. This solution is treated with abundant trees, and entirely without missing any of the native branches. Spraying is carried out before flowering and immediately after it, and then every 2 weeks or at least increase the number of pests.

Carry out spraying of plants need early in the morning, in the evening after sunset or in cloudy weather. The fact is that in bright light the solution quickly evaporates from the leaves and can cause burns.

Mustard from sugar beet and cruciferous flea beetles

Горчичный порошок на даче – 7 способов применения

Beet and cruciferous flea beetles can leave you without a crop of beets, radishes, radish, cabbage, daikon and other vegetables. However, using mustard a colony of these pests in the area can be greatly reduced.

To protect beet suitable watering mustard infusion. It is made just in 10 liters of water dissolve half a Cup of mustard and 2 hours insist. Pour the beets that extract you need, starting from germination to the formation of 4-5 true leaves.

But the solution to combat annoying cruciferous flea beetle prepares a little differently. In addition to the same amount of mustard, add 1 tbsp. of 70% acetic acid. However, the landing need not to water and spray directly on foliage, repeating treatment as pests.

Do not forget that mustard, though, not powder, can be used as excellent fertilizer. As a green manure this culture not only loosens and nourishes the soil, but also drives away insects by its smell.


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