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IOTA announces the test network Coordicide

The IOTA Foundation has announced the launch of a test network for Protocol Coordicide, also known as IOTA 2.0.

Blockchain-the IOTA project, application-centric Internet of things (IoT), at the end of last year revealed improvement plan for the core network in the new road map.

Developers first test opportunity and test components Coordicide – speed limit, Mana (system based on reputation in the network) and Fast Probabilistic Consensus (a new algorithm for consensus).

IOTA presented a new architecture consisting of feature updates:

• Fast probabilistic consensus (Fast Probabilistic Consensus) – a new algorithm for IOTA, IOTA 2.0 which allows you to come to a consensus without centralized nodes.

• Transaction values – the developers and operators of the node can now send a test network tokens, and to test the resolution of conflicts in the network.

• Building blocks for Feeless dApps – this framework provides the basis for the development of a free decentralized applications (dApps). Documentation for developers will be released soon.

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