Holy hobo: how a stray cow become a problem in India

As in many other cities around the world, Indian urban communities many stray dogs that live with people. But the biggest problem of India is not dogs, and cows. Every month they cause thousands of traffic accidents, blocking traffic and spread of disease. The government has long been aware of the problems arising from the fact that cows move freely through the busy city roads, but nobody seems to know what to do with it.

Stray cows were part of Indian city life for many years, but in recent years, with the development of infrastructure and increase in the number of cars, they bring more problems. Urban cow is not afraid of traffic, so often you can see them calmly walk around in the middle of the road. Violence is unacceptable to them, as cows are considered sacred, causing harm Angers the Indians, so people need to keep anger under control, no matter how bad it is.

The fact that in India there is a homeless cattle is directly related to its sacred status in a predominantly Hindu country. Slaughter is forbidden in most parts of the state, so when the cows and bulls no longer be of any use or become too large a financial burden, the owners just put them outside. This happens so long ago that today the number of street cows in India in the millions and growing rapidly.

Cows can be seen roaming the busy roads in large cities such as new Delhi. They cause accidents and block traffic, but they are most dangerous at night. Drivers of vehicles that are moving at high speed, it is difficult to see these animals in time, and accident sometimes lead to death. The government of Punjab announced that cow-homeless, involved in road accidents, over the past 30 months has killed 300 people. And that’s just in one state.

But road accidents and traffic jams — just two of the problems caused by cows. Although most of them look healthy, in fact they are sick or carry some threat of food and waterborne pathogens. Basically, these cows eat trash, and the data shows that their milk, and the waste they produce, full of antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals, some of which can cause illness in humans, while others even lead to death.

Another problem — illegal dairies in the major cities of India. Infected milk street cows they sell cheap to the poor. They not only deliberately put cows on the street to save money at the stern, but sometimes use political connections to animals freed from cow shelters.

Currently, trapping is the only method, used by Indian city to deal with street cows. Sometimes people who do this are called urban cowboys. Their only tools — lasso and brute force: they catch cows, pushed into trucks and transported to one of the crowded shelters. They are allowed to use stun guns only when they are accompanied by a vet, but it happens infrequently.

For “cowboys” represent a threat not only cows that kick and rampage, but people. Frustrated drivers often resort to violence if the fishers for too long, blocking traffic, trying to catch the cows, the owners of illegal dairy industries received even worse and even simple passers-by throw stones at them, causing to leave alone the sacred animals.

Fishers are struggling to rid the streets of stray cows, but soon they will be out of places to send animals. Rajendra Singh Shekhawat, who runs the largest shelter in new Delhi, says his shelter is overcrowded and all others faced with the same problem. And cows getting bigger: cars and tractors take their “jobs”.

Authorities is constantly announce campaign to rid the cities of vagrants, but, according to estimates, the streets still roam 5 million animals.

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