Virtual girlfriends and rentals animal: looks like the reverse side of the Japanese economic miracle

About Japan, the country of cherry blossoms, robots and workaholics, you can talk for hours. Third place for economic growth in the world, the extraordinary development of technology, and at the same time that Japan is the world “leader” in the number of suicides. Why? One of the reasons, in addition to workaholism and burnout, I think loneliness.

How do Japanese people solve these problems?

Silicone dolls instead of real girls

Opting silicone friends do most of the men who were disappointed in a relationship or can’t find a girlfriend. “This girl will not require money or gifts, to be jealous and make trouble” — that’s how I explain my decision Japanese.

Rent Pets

For 10 years, renting Pets is one of the most popular services in Japan. The popularity of such services is understandable: the small apartment (about 60 sqm) is not always possible to have a pet, and time to care for him due to my busy work schedule is a bit.

Hugs and talk for money

“The greatest luxury is the luxury of human communication”, — said Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In Japan for that luxury are willing to pay money, and quite a lot. It was here a long time remains at the peak of popularity “Anza-Kosai” (jap. 援助交際 — paid Dating) is a practice in which men of middle and old age to spend time with the young women, buying them time for money or gifts.

Virtual girlfriend

Japan’s advanced technology enables people to make friends with characters from the virtual world. These “girlfriends” lead on dates, buy them gifts, jealous and even marry them in special schools: with a priest, witnesses, birthday cake and a VR device.

The host clubs to search for the princes

In Japan there are places where girls come to chat with the hosts. Cute guys gallantly take care of chose with them, support secular conversation, pour drinks and toss around compliments.

Single girls visit host clubs to feel interesting and attractive. And some married women such an unusual way of fighting with the family routine.

Family rentals

Lonely Japanese people are willing to take on hire a wife and children, and not just to “family” met from work. Bought a “family” for the weekend to take children to the Park and walk with the wife shopping. It is not cheap (from $ 700 per hour), but, say, from wanting no rebound.

Love hotels with themed rooms

Japan is a small country, therefore, the apartments in her tiny and very expensive. What do young couples? Go to “slave to the khotehr” hotels of love.

Such hotels exist for couples having their own homes, could spend a few hours together. Here you can realize the most daring fantasies.

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