“Male State” banned from popular social networks

«Мужское Государство» забанили в популярной соцсети

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Social network Vkontakte has blocked the community of the “Male State”.

When you try to go to the groups page appears notice that the community was blocked “calls to violent actions”.

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“Male state” is a movement of the same name and closed user group in “Vkontakte” with more than 160 thousand subscribers. The public promoted nationalism and misogyny. Its Creator Vladislav Pozdnyakov is located in Poland.

In 2020 Pozdnyakov announced the hunt for “disgraced the nation” Actresses starring in pornoclips leader of Rammstein till Lindemann. In 2018, he called to poison the Russians, who communicated with the foreign fans during the world Cup. The Creator community has been baiting the Russians, who enter into a relationship with the “non-Russian nationalities”.

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