Under what conditions geranium blooms profusely all summer

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

The time in quarantine in vain did not lose — was fond of growing flowers, and even managed to make friends with several lovely gardeners. “Flowering geranium in the home” — introduced I search on the computer, and as a result found the blogs of experienced gardeners, who taught me a lot.

“Why the geranium?” you can ask. And I answer, that without this wonderful pot just can’t imagine my apartment! Since childhood, I remember how grandma used to grow on the kitchen windowsill a string of pots with colorful damsels. There are just no: and pink, red and white… And even Burgundy!

However, bloom pelargonium (the second name of geranium) is not constant, and only now I understand why.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето


Today we will tell you how to care for geraniumsto bloom almost all year round.

These tips will be useful to many Housewives, in order to achieve a lush and frequent flowering of this beautiful plant. Also at the end of the article you will find a pleasant surprise — a video that clearly and explained in detail about the features of care pelargonium.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

For geranium is easy to care for. On a Sunny windowsill when the temperature is above 12 degrees they are able to bloom almost all year. Gardeners call their universal decorators as a selection can be magnificent and solemn decorate the room and room, balcony and flower bed. When the long flowering plants always look neat and resistant to weather conditions.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

To geranium more comfortable with the drought than excessive moisture, which rot the roots. But if we assume a strong drying of the soil, then you may lose the flowers. If the room is warm, watering can be done every day. But pay attention to a good dry top soil.

If he doesn’t have time to dry out — reduce watering to 2-3 times a week. Signs of excessive watering will become visible at once: a limp, lifeless leaves that are sometimes covered with mold.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

To start the process of continuous flowering, it is necessary to resort to the proven way — feeding plants. Strict “diet” when the plant for a long time experiencing a shortage of nutrients, usually leads to the disease, because of the force of resistance in plants.

Feeding on yeast

Flowering will continue all year round, if you feed him this wonderful elixir.

And here is the composition: 2.7 liter of water, 100 grams of yeast and half a Cup of sugar. Pour in three-liter jar of 2.6 and 2.7 liters of settled water without chlorine. Dissolve in warm water, the yeast, and then add them to the jar along with the sugar. Cover the jar with cheesecloth and keep in the heat, from time to time shaking the contents.

The solution will be ready in the end of the fermentation. After that, one Cup dissolve in 10 litres of water and watered my geraniums 1 Cup, once in two weeks.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

Geranium is very fond of various mineral and organic additives. When the geranium is in an active stage of flowering, must be in the water add fertilizers based on phosphorus and potassium. Due to such additives, the geranium flowers will always look healthy and groomed. Also a very good dressing you can treat the water with iodine: 1 drop of iodine in 1 liter of water.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

Growers are advised to spray the leaves of geranium tincture of onion peel. In the ground it is also worth adding onion peels along with fertilizing at every watering.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

And here is the promised video. From it you will learn how to feed and water the geraniums in the summer.

And in this video the beautiful Helen shares useful information on growing geraniums and shows interesting varieties.

As you already understood, to achieve a flowering geranium in the home is not so difficult. It is important to understand that caring for geraniums in winter and summer will be somewhat different. It must be considered, so as not to ruin the beauty of your home.

При каких условиях герань цветет обильно всё лето

My mom loves geraniums, and flowers in the kitchen and in the living room, and even on the balcony we have. I’m sure that with these tips mom’s green darlings will bloom more and more abundant!


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