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The developers of Ethereum postponed hardwork Berlin due to the centralization of customer-Geth

The Ethereum developers have decided to postpone work on hardforum Berlin until at least August, to give other clients the opportunity to increase its share in the network. About it reports Coindesk.

Geth is one of the 11 clients Ethereum, but according to the Ether Nodes, now it employs more than 79% of nod Ethereum. Developers are concerned that a serious bug in this client can crash the entire network of Ethereum.

“Geth is a big part of the network,” said a client developer Peter Silage during an online conference last Friday. “It is very important that everything was done correctly ― we have no right to be wrong”.

“The main reason for the transfer Berlin is to reduce dependence on Geth. In case of any error in this failure should not leave the entire network,” said independent developer of Ethereum Alex Akhunov in comments to Coindesk.

Centralization around Geth znachitelno increased after the termination of customer support the company Parity Parity Technologies in December 2019. “Parity can no longer allocate the resources needed for even basic maintenance of this project”, ― said the developers at this time. The company moved customer service to a model of decentralized Autonomous organizations (DAO), but since December the number of gcd on it declined almost 60%.

“In a perfect world we would have several clients, and none of them would not have more than 33% of the network,” said the founder of the project Gnosis Martin Kappelmann.

On the other hand, no one can tell people, exchanges and other services go to something other than Geth. The question of what incentives may attract people to run other clients, remains open.

The developer of Ethereum Greg Colvin said it was a business matter and it can hardly be solved by the initiatives of developers.

In may, the developer Danny Ryan said that the presence of multiple customers (“multi-client paradigm”) in the network of Ethereum 2.0 is one of the main reasons why the process of starting a new blockchain takes so long.


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