Scientists have observed rapid warming in the South pole

Ученые заметили ускоренное потепление на Южном полюсе

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South pole over the last 30 years has warmed three times faster than the rest of the Land. To such conclusion scientists, reports “World 24”.

According to scientists, the warming associated with warmer water of the tropical ocean. For many years it was believed that the South pole remains cold, even when the rest of the continent observed warming.

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Researchers from New Zealand, the UK and the USA studied the data of weather stations over the past 60 years. The experts then used this information to create computer models.

It turned out that warmer temperatures in the Western Pacific for a long time lowered atmospheric pressure over the Weddell sea, located in the South Atlantic. As a result, this circumstance has led to increase in the flow of warm air over the South pole.

So, scientists noted that the natural warming trend is assumed to be enhanced by anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.

It is emphasized that the South pole is now heated at a rate of about 0.6 degrees Celsius per decade.

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Previously, Chinese scientists have found the causes of the abnormal heat. Experts have studied the record breaking heat of 2018, which lasted in China for 33 days.

In addition, earlier it was reported that global warming has reached Antarctica. The researchers said that over the past 50 years, the temperature rose a few degrees below the frozen surface of the continent began to form rivers of melt water.

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