Lawyer Ephraim commented on the emergence of a new victim in case of an accident

Elman Pashayev was surprised by the number of victims in the case of the deadly crash involving actor Mikhail Efremov.

Yesterday, 30 June, another son, Sergey Zakharov stated that an aggrieved party. To date, this case involves four victims, said Pashayev in an interview with “Evening Moscow“, informs LigaNews.

Pashayev stressed that over 20 years of legal practice he first sees is a struggle between the relatives of the deceased. Lawyer Ephraim would not be surprised if the beginning of the trial the whole village where he lived Zakharov, recognizes himself the injured party.

From a legal perspective, victims may be exclusively close relatives of the deceased, said the lawyer. Pashayev stressed that the civil wife has no right to consider themselves the injured party.

Moreover, the amount of compensation will be paid in one lump sum, which will be shared among all victims.

June 8 at about 21:45 machine Efremova on Smolensk square took off on an oncoming lane. In a frontal collision killed Sergey Zakharov, the driver of the van.

A little later, the actor recorded a video message to the relatives of the deceased. He apologized and offered financial assistance.

National artist of Russia, faces up to 12 years of imprisonment.


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