Married 62 years, couple says goodbye to each other because they cannot put together

The couple, who spent most of his life with each other, had to be separated and live may his last days apart, because they can’t settle in one nursing home. 83-year-old wolf Gottschalk and his wife Anita, 81 years old, met and fell in love with each other when their families lived next door at Dusseldorf, Germany. The couple married in 1954 and a few months in search of a better life emigrated to the canadian city of Surrey, British Columbia. The wolf and Anita had three children, a son and two daughters, they built a happy and successful life in a new place. The couple was always there no matter what.

But after 62 years spent together to an elderly couple forced to live apart for 8 months because they have no place in a nursing home for couples. And their deteriorating health just means that they don’t have much time.

Their great-granddaughter Ashley posted a photo of crying wolf and Anita in Facebook, describing the frustration, the sadness and the pain that you experience inseparable life grandparents.

Ashley wrote that Anita cared for her husband until January, until doctors told the family that the wolf needed professional care, as his condition deteriorated — he’s developing dementia, lymphoma and heart failure.

The family does everything that the couple met as often as possible — for example, half an hour, lucky Anita to she saw her beloved.

Even more sad picture — wolf sitting at the window, hoping to see how it goes Anita.

However, this is not enough. This situation adversely affects the health of Anita.

Their great-granddaughter Ashley wrote: “My grandmother can’t even kiss her husband for the night. She can’t share food. Every time I see them cry, and it breaks the heart”.

For all the time that wolf and Anita live separately, the family never called, even though grandpa is waiting for resettlement to a nursing home wife.

After this story spread around the Internet, the children called and assured that their problem remember, but still it is unknown how long it will take to solve it.

Happy wolf and Anita to separation.

The same picture with the farewell, which is scattered all over the Internet.

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