Rare photos of local rock stars: feasts, fights and the last photo of Choi

Tells blogger soullawaythat collects photos of Russian rock musicians 1980-1990-ies. Parenthetical remarks who is who, from the wording of Bigpic.

On the title picture Viktor Tsoi believes the change for the pay phone, and Sergei “Africa” Bugaev controls this process.

Peter Mamonov (the frontman of the group “Sounds of Mu”) and all of a sudden Viktor Tsoi. All recognized him with such a lovely comb-over?

1981. Viktor Tsoi is strictly at the center.

And again he. Takes.

The first concert of group “Cinema”. The first half of the 80s. the guitar, by the way, plays Mike Naumenko (“Zoo”).

Oleg Garkusha (“Auction”) and Victor decide any questions.

Oleg Garkusha where it fails I walk. Apparently, without Victor. That had the skills of Bruce Lee movies.

Break Oleg. Somehow, it seems that in Berlin.

But Garkusha reads poetry at the recital with Grigory Sologub (“2VA Samoleta”).

Igor Sklyar, the one that sang about “Komarovo”, and Garkusha.

And here is Oleg in the right corner. Gives, apparently, the interview.

It is already he, along with colleagues Leonid.

Still shots from the concert “Auktyon”.

Still shots from the concert “Auktyon”.

Leonid Fedorov with a baby. Miminost this picture is off the charts. However, Sergey Firsov (the head of the library of the Leningrad rock club, Director of club “Kamchatka”), as always, severe. Second from the left, if that.

Leonid in the Studio.

And here is an interesting project. Alex “the Colonel” Hrynov (the leader of group “the Colonel and brother-soldiers”), Leonid Fedorov and Sergei Chigrakov. The fourth person was not identified.

They even performed together. Fedorov in the right corner, Chigrakov in the left, but the “Colonel” not difficult to learn.

Chigrakov laughing at the fees are rock musicians.

Hrynov hugs Yuri Shevchuk. And in the right corner is Igor Tikhomirov. The one that played in “DDT”, “Cinema” and another pile groups.

Hrynov hugs Mashnina in the boiler room “Kamchatka”.

Hrynov hugs Grebenshchikov.

Here I identified everyone except for the man in the left corner. Marina Kapuro, Boris Grebenshchikov, Zhanna Aguzarova, Andrey Makarevich.

BG and Joanna.

And it is also Grebenshikov. No kidding.

Grebenshchikov with the baby in her arms. Also touching the.

BG explains the Pot in which the young punks.

At the microphone oiled Bashlachev, center of the image is visible Seva Gakkel (cello player of the group “Aquarium”), and in the right corner looks Grebenshikov.

Alex cherry and Alexander Bashlachev.

Bashlachev and Irina Linnik (commonly known in the environment of the Leningrad Bohemia as the owner of “komorowska giving”, where the appartment).

You will be surprised, but behind the drums is also Bashlachev. Although, perhaps not surprised.

Alexander and Joanna.

Again Bashlachev and down enthusiastically sings Konstantin Kinchev.

Kinchev as it suggests that you must drink immediately.

Concert Of “Alice”.

A citizen of Panfilov studying the mirror.

The “Alice” in the right corner Kinchev, and the horns he puts Alex cherry.

Kinchev and bully zadery (founder of the group “Alisa”).

Saderi in the performance of official duties in the boiler room.

Borzykin, Kinchev, Shevchuk and Vasiliev perform.

Young Yuri Shevchuk.

He’s the same.

Shevchuk and Bashlachev successfully posing.

Yuri, disguised as Yarmolnik, nice talks.

And this jury is carefully studying the device scene.

Delivers pastries. However, he generally delivers for a long time.

Shevchuk and Butusov. On the left, in my opinion, the Belkin.

Vyacheslav Gennadievich married. I suppose that for the first time.

Vyacheslav Gennadievich head adorns the crown.

And it is also Butusov.

Although here it is familiar to us.

But there were also so! Little idea Butusova in such a manner on the stage.

Vyacheslav Gennadievich explains something Samoilov senior.

Young “Agatha Christie”.

Grown Up “Agatha Christie”. A good period. This is when it is “Opium” over, and “Miracles” had not yet begun.


Aleksey Mogilevsky. He was in the pile groups of Sverdlovsk played.


Here I identified only Fedor Chistyakov. There he is second from the left.

Mike Naumenko at the microphone.

Mike Naumenko perekryvaet with Andrey Makarevich. Rock ‘ n ‘ roll, brotherhood and all things.

However, the essence Makarevich we all know.

“Civil defense” on the stage of the Leningrad rock club.

Wide meal during the tour.

Mamonov, and “Africa”.

And that last picture of Viktor Tsoi. I mean, the last General in his life.

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