Subbotin has called the possible cause of the breakup Asmus and Kharlamov

Recently, the Garrick Kharlamov became unpredictable, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that Christina Asmus decided to divorce him. This opinion was voiced by Natalia Subbotina, organizer of the tour of the famous stand-up comedian.

In an interview with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Subbotina admitted that in real life Kharlamov is very different from his television image, informs LigaNews.

With her words maybe once Garrick was funny and easy going, but not the last two years. Subbotin claims that the last time the comedian has not always behaved adequately. He is a drinker and hence all the other problems, said the organizer of the tour.

Alcohol seriously affected the family life of the artist. Subbotina once organized for a wealthy businessman from Krasnodar birthday. Kharlamov was to be the highlight of the program. The businessman paid for his rider, including a private room in the hotel and the tickets for trains in both directions. Moreover I had to pay for travel and accommodation for Timur Martadinata, without which Garrick does not want to be anywhere else. At the last moment Kharlamov called and said that’s not going anywhere, as he forced to sit at home with my daughter. Subbotina does not exclude that Kharlamov in the day just drunk.

May be in early family life, Garrick was trying to show Asmus itself in all its glory. However, family daily routine has shown its true face.

Subbotina only congratulated Christine that she was able after 8 years of marriage to get away from the comedian.


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