The last President: Ukraine has predicted the collapse Zelensky

Последний президент: на Украине предсказали крах ЗеленскомуZelensky may be the last President of Ukraine, said Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadym Rabinovich. According to him, the country is coming to change the type of government to a parliamentary Republic, as previously elected by the majority of Ukrainians, the head of state and his associates no longer representing their people. Similar accusations of the President’s team dealt for several months.

Ukraine is approaching to becoming a parliamentary Republic, and Vladimir Zelensky may be the last President of the country. This opinion was expressed by Verkhovna Rada Deputy, co-Chairman of party “Oppositional platform For life,” Vadim Rabinovich, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to him, a year ago Zelensky, “as promised to the people”, was supported by three-quarters of Ukrainians. But most of these people are disappointed in the actions of the new Ukrainian authorities.

Rabinovich said that the President “73 percent” began to flirt with the “20% of those who did not vote for him.” He also suggested that Zelensky just don’t know what to do with the state.

“We Zelensky was a huge opportunity to make our country prosperous, but while the lumen is not visible. I’m a year ago said, “President Vladimir Zelensky will or the most successful President or the last President of Ukraine, because we will become a parliamentary Republic”, — said the MP.

In early June the former Minister of justice of Ukraine Olena Lukash stated that the personnel policy of Vladimir Zelensky indicates the deception they were his voters. According to her, the President is a “choose the worst of the bad”, surrounding himself with people from the entourage of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and associates American financier George Soros.

“We definitely did not vote for them. Zelensky surrounded by incredibly weak personnel professional traitors. And, in fact, we saw the result, and then there will be more”, — said the former head of the Ukrainian Ministry of justice.

In December 2019, ex-Minister of economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov said that the country faces default. He said Kiev’s inability to close the obligations to creditors already “2023”, if the government will continue the current fiscal policy.

“Now the budget crisis began, the income budget is not performed. Problems such as the growth of wage arrears are quite serious, difficulties in the implementation of many social programs, the inability to increase the salaries of teachers. That is all it will be is yet to develop further, and out of this not seen” — said the former official.

According to him, statements by the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Oksana Markarova that by 2023, Kiev could cease cooperation with the IMF, is misplaced. “Yes, we might be able to obtain any more loans. But no country is to live infinitely, making new debts and gaining credit, can not” — said the former Minister.

He recalled that the negative trade balance of Ukraine for this year stands at about $11 billion Suslov stressed that the key problem of Ukraine is absence of “its own base of production development”.

At the end of October 2018 Vadim Rabinovich said that Ukraine’s economy is in a catastrophic situation. According to him, at the end of August, the external debt of Ukraine amounted to $47.5 billion, and the total debt of the country reached $75 billion.

Therefore, several generations of Ukrainians, said Rabinovich, are forced to work only for the benefit of the IMF.

“We, our children and grandchildren laid down in these budgets, and we must plow and plow angeethi, these hundred men, whose wages grow by some cosmic speed,” — says Rabinovich.

He added that the main expense of the Ukrainian budget is debt service. The MP has proposed a very radical “solution” is to declare the country defaulted to “write off” the debt of $117 billion.

In may 2019, the world Bank declared Ukraine to be one of the poorest countries in Eastern Europe, in terms of GDP per capita.

The growth of the Ukrainian economy remain too low to catch up on this indicator neighbouring European countries — Poland, Romania and Hungary. To reach the level of prosperity of Poland, where GDP per capita at purchasing power parity is three times higher, Ukraine will need at least 50 years.


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