The expert said, when you can ignore the updates for smartphone

Эксперт рассказал, когда можно игнорировать обновления для смартфона

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The General Director of the news Agency Telecom Daily Denis Kuskov said that the update on the smartphone sometimes you can not install. According to him, it is possible to ignore some of the innovations are often “raw”.

It should be understood that their installation allows to eliminate defects that prevent quality work devices, according to RIA Novosti.

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“If we collectively take all the applications, then, of course, updates are done for our benefit is the elimination of defects, “holes” through which you can obtain the problems from the point of view of viruses and do not work in full mode of the applications,” explained Grand.

He added that the average smartphone user keeps on the screens of about a hundred apps, but regularly uses only eight or nine. This week for 100 applications you receive at least 25 updates that need to install.

Earlier reported that the expert of the analytical center NAFI Vladimir Gritsenko told why it is important to disable the geolocation on your smartphone. According to him, the applications exchange information with the advertising preferences of the user, which are formed on the basis of information from different sources and geolocation of them. The expert noted that the security is sufficient to restrict access to the location of the application.

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